rezora Feature Preview: Get As Close As You Can To Creating Time With Listing Automation

Perhaps I've been watching Hamilton too much recently, but have you ever noticed that people seem to have more time than you do, specifically in the written/marketing content that they're putting out?

Taking your Spheres to a higher level

Spheres are very powerful, magical shapes in the world of real estate marketing. An agent's "Sphere of Influence" (SOI) is the collection of contacts or prospects with whom they have a relationship, whether in the short-term for the purposes of buying or selling property, or over the long-term so that they "stay top of mind" for when a short-term opportunity arises. Building, growing, and maintaining your SOI is key to successful real estate marketing, as it is akin to constantly yet moderately pedaling your bicycle to keep your momentum and forward progress going while you work on your more immediate deals.

rezora Feature Preview: Finding The Perfect Email Template

How do I find the perfect template for my needs?

Creating Multilingual Emails in rezora


new Features and Enhancements in rezora, release 4.1.0

release 4.1.0

Ability to Use Google Fonts Within Marketing Pieces

You've worked hard to perfect a brand that differentiates your brokerage from the rest of the competition - which is why it's so important that you have your brand standards consistently upheld with every message you or your agents convey. Admins can now add Google Fonts to their rezora system, and have these fonts accessible to both marketers and agents alike. It's easy to add the fonts and they appear anywhere in rezora where fonts can be selected, e.g. in outgoing marketing pieces and templates. Please note that although these fonts will be available to the whole system, Admins are the only ones with the ability to select and add the fonts.

New Features and Enhancements in rezora

Contactually – Choose Between Interaction and Note 

The rezora + Contactually contact synching integration is now live

In order to enable a better experience for agents to manage contacts seamlessly, rezora's rolled out some exciting additions to our Contactually integration. Now, agents can focus more on promoting their listings and themselves.

Everything You Need to Know About rezora Contact Management and Updates

Did you miss the 5 Ways to Improve Your rezora Contact Management webinar? Don't worry! You can still access all of the information. The rezora experts covered everything you need to know about contact management and we have compiled all the helpful information into this blog post! From how to get the most out of your Master Distribution lists, to our new Contactually integration - we'll be giving you tips, tricks and best practices to better manage your contacts. To watch the webinar, click here. 

rezora's Q2 Feature Enhancements and Updates

In Q2, we focused many of our enhancements on GDPR compliance within the rezora application – including new functionality for both sales agents and recipients (contacts within the rezora system) to view, export, and delete their personal information if they choose to do so. In addition to a multitude of GDPR-related items, we’re also releasing the much-anticipated Master Distribution List for Company Admins. Continue reading to see how these features work! 

rezora’s recent feature release and enhancements

New Functionality for SALES AGENTS

Ability to post to your Facebook Business Page

Previously, marketing pieces could only be shared on personal Facebook pages. Now, by popular request, you can share your marketing piece to your Facebook Business page! You can also choose which account you’d like to share on behalf of.