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Danny Schaffer, Customer Success Manager

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July 15, 2020

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Perhaps I've been watching Hamilton too much recently, but have you ever noticed that people seem to have more time than you do, specifically in the written/marketing content that they're putting out?

"Having the time to get more stuff done" is a really amorphous goal, but there are almost always some concrete steps that you can take to streamline your life so you can put more time and energy where you really should. I suppose I'm here to tell you about one more way to reclaim some of your own time: Listing Automation.

If you've been with rezora long or have simply been following us for a little bit, you're likely aware of some of the steps we've taken to help you build better content faster and easier than before. Listing Automation is that next step.

What is Listing Automation?

Listing Automation is a feature we developed to harness the changes to listing data feeding into your account (New Listings, Prices Adjustments, Sold Listings) to build pieces automatically using templates your company admin selects.

Essentially when it is set up, it lets our system build marketing pieces for you. Not only that, but it can* even send pieces automatically to a pre-selected distribution list.
*If you want - you can also send after a 3-hr delay, or after you've reviewed the piece; dealer's choice! Read on for more information.

What are the benefits of using Listing Automation?

Aside from the fact that pieces are automatically created for you when we receive a New Listing, Price Adjustment, or Sold Listing event in your MLS feed, one of the biggest strengths of the Listing Automation feature is that you can customize your Approval Method for each "Event Type".

The Approval Method determines if the piece is sent immediately upon us receiving the update in the MLS, if the piece is sent after a 3-hour delay of an update in the MLS, or if the piece will *not* send automatically and instead simply wait for your approval to send. So, if you like, pieces created via Listing Automation can send automatically to a list of your contacts, essentially meaning that you don't even have to be involved in the process at all. Talk about a time-saver.


Here's a more thorough breakdown of each option you have when setting up an "Event":

  • Immediate Send - Marketing pieces are created and sent automatically as soon as the event trigger occurs.
  • Approval Required - Marketing pieces will be automatically created, but will not be sent until you sign in to your rezora account and approve it for distribution.
  • Send after 3-hour delay - Marketing pieces will automatically send 3 hours after the event trigger. If the automatic send time is after 10pm, the send will not happen until 9am the following morning.

You can even mix and match each "Event" to a different approval method. Imagine a world where your Just Sold pieces go out after a three-hour delay, and your New Listing pieces are created automatically, but await your approval before sending. Pretty nice, huh?

That's great, how do I get it set up?

I won't go through all of the details here, but you'll spot a new Listing Automation option under the "Marketing Materials" tab in your toolbar. On that page, you'll not only manage your settings in the "Listing Event Types" area at the top, but view the fruits of your labor in the "Listing Event History" area on the bottom half of the page.

If you're already a rezora user and would like some direction to help you get started, our support team is ready and waiting at Not yet using rezora and want a closer look at our Listing Automation feature? Set up a product demo and we'll give you a private tour.

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