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The rezora Highlight Reel-01
Danny Schaffer, Customer Success ManagerJanuary 18, 20224 min read

The rezora Highlight Reel

If you're like me, the past two years have been a bit of a blur. I remember things in phases and it tends to get a bit jumbled. For that reason, I think it is worthwhile to take a look back at what we’ve done here at rezora over the past couple of years. Rather than listing everything, let’s look at a few highlights since the beginning of 2020.


At the beginning of 2020, we launched our new Email Editor/Template Builder, Zephyr. Since then, we have been putting out frequent releases to make creating new marketing pieces a breeze. For marketing teams, we created a row manager to help provide easily configurable content to agents. We’ve also added letter spacing adjustment, configurable icons, and adjustable menus (to name just a few things). 

Multiple Spheres

If you’re familiar with rezora, you’ve seen the “Primary Sphere” before. A list of contacts that agents manage to which marketing teams send pieces on the agents’ behalf. We received feedback that brokerages wanted the ability to create their own custom spheres, so we created just that feature. Marketing teams can now create their own “Sphere” list to allow agents to customize different groupings of contacts.

Phase Out of our Legacy Builder

As we released more and more features to our Zephyr builder, we phased out what we now refer to as our “Legacy” builder. It served us well for many years, but it was nothing against the simultaneous depth and simplicity of the Zephyr builder.

Automation - Listing Automation

One of the amazing things that the Zephyr builder really let us dive into is the ability to automate the creation and sending of listing marketing pieces. New dynamic tags allow us to pull in data from an MLS feed and plug it directly into a marketing piece as soon as we receive it. Originally launched with events for New Listing, Price Change, and Just Sold pieces, we have also since added the ability to generate Open House marketing pieces automatically. Individual events can be configured to send an email right away, send it with a 3-hour delay, or create the email but wait for agent approval to send. This was just the tip of the automation iceberg.

Drip Campaigns

Another feature new to this year and the newest of our three products is Drip Campaigns. Marketing teams can create Drip Campaigns to which agents add their contacts. Those contacts will then receive pieces based on their own engagement in that campaign’s content. It can pair really well with the next feature:

Automation - Contact Automation

I think this feature was a little bit of a sleeper to some, but it represents a big change in what rezora can do. Previous automation only worked with listing feed data. For Contact Automation, we used the automation base that we created to bring an entirely new feature: the ability to send marketing pieces to individual contacts automatically based on some new events: New Contact (if the contact was just added to your account), Birthday (when the date for your contact’s birthday in the contact details is reached), Home Anniversary (if it is your contact’s Home Anniversary as listed in the contact’s details). We also added some new Actions: Notify Me, Add to List/Sphere, and Add to Drip Campaign.

Updates to Lead Nurture

Formerly, the “Lead Nurture” product is what you would think of as rezora a few years ago. As we added new products like Automation and Drip Campaigns, we wanted to make sure to keep Lead Nurture moving forward as well. We added new agent configurable settings so they can decide how they want to handle Company Scheduled Marketing Pieces by default. We also updated the Lead Nurture “Manage Marketing Pieces” page to reduce load times and give more consistent controls across Scheduled, Started, and past sent pieces (History).

Automation - Seasonal Automation

Seasonal and Holiday emails are a very important tool in the savvy email marketer’s repertoire. Every brokerage’s marketing team is going to be different and our goal here was to build a feature that would be useful for both big brands and independent brokerages. We didn’t want you to have to scramble to get this configured, so we released this feature with a suite of already created templates (though you can always customize them or swap them out).

And Many More…

Seriously, I don’t want to overwhelm you with information but outside of the releases above, we had dozens more updates. We created a new contact import process to remove some of the stringent guidelines in place before. We created a “Manage Your Listings” page that lets you connect to your company’s listing feed even if you don’t recall your Agent ID. We have released an update that dramatically reduces the amount of HTML code used to build a marketing piece.

Oh, I started listing again, didn’t I?