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Email marketing that sells homes. 

Unlimited contacts and sends, always.

The leading software for customized, local marketing married to automated Just-In-Time Marketing Campaigns created by our team of professionals. Regardless of your list size, rezoraONE is $50/month, cancel any time.

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Stop Scaling to Go Nowhere

Your list should continue to grow, not your subscription prices.

  • Save time using proven programs and out-of-the-box automated content.

  • Build your list without worrying about rising costs.

  • Adopt aggressive growth tactics.

  • Establish yourself as a market leader with beautiful and professional email templates.

  • Enjoy unlimited sends so you can personalize your customer's experience.

over 10 years of experience

We've helped facilitate billions of conversations on millions of listings

for thousands of agents worldwide.

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Never miss a marketing opportunity again.


Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns provide just-in-time content based on your contact's actions for effortless client relationship nurturing. Included:

  • Home Valuation Campaign
  • New Contact Campaign
  • Buyer & Seller Nurture Campaigns
  • Past Buyers Campaign

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Marketing Automation

Contact & Seasonal Automation provide as-it-happens marketing through Artificial Intelligence, so you don't have to.
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Emails are sent to your contacts on their birthdays, home anniversaries, and when they're added to your account. They'll have the pleasure of receiving your professional Time Change Reminders, Holiday Greetings, and Seasonal Check-In's.


Lead Nurture

Lead Nurture allows you to create professional, on-brand email templates. Powerful analytics help you make informed decisions in your sales and marketing strategy.

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All things real estate marketing from the experts.

Our blog is written by everyone on our team, so you can enjoy insights from every corner of the email marketing world. You'll have your best email results yet with these pro tips.