Mind Your P's & Q's with CCPA and GDPR

In our increasingly complex, connected digital world, protecting the data of your prospects and customers has become a critical business responsibility that faces more and more legal scrutiny from international, federal and state governments. To make sure you are adhering to the most current regulations, we are committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure you stay compliant in your digital marketing efforts.

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How Glossier Cultivates Trust to Create Their Cult Following

Photo from Glossier's Instagram.

I have an infatuation with Glossier's marketing. Scratch that - I just have an infatuation with Glossier. Their marketing is only one piece of the pie (speaking of pie - check out their Berry Balm Dotcompote recipe that’s a brilliant play on their Berry Balm Dot Com lip product). And as someone who works in marketing, I love analyzing what other companies are doing and what seems to be working for them.

My Calls to Action Are Working, But Now I’m Drowning in Deals

So far on this blog, we’ve talked a lot about basic marketing best practice. In the past, we’ve stressed the importance of including a Call To Action, which, simply stated, means providing your reader with a clear way to take whatever action comes next.  For many of our clients, a typical call to action means filling out a lead form.

rezora rezurgence

If you haven’t already felt the burst of positive energy rezonating from our offices, you soon will! We’ve had a series of great additions to our team in recent months, as well as reztructuring key departments, and couldn’t be happier about how these new rezources will be making a big impact to success for both rezora and our customers.

Creating An Effortless e-Newsletter From Top to Bottom

In an oversaturated digital age, it can feel like your content is floating out in the internet abyss with nowhere to go. eNewsletters are a simple and easy way to keep in touch with your audience while giving your content the promotion it deserves. Sending a monthly newsletter will keep you top-of-mind with prospective clients, too, so what are you waiting for? Let's jump in!

Digital Marketing for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

You’ve probably heard of digital/online/internet marketing before. But if you're here, you’re not exactly an expert. And that’s alright! We all start somewhere.

The Rule of Seven


How franchise brands use technology to recruit top agents

“In the battle for top real estate talent, a healthy commission split and great training simply aren’t enough”. Inman Tech

Creating Multilingual Emails in rezora