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Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns provide just-in-time content based on your contact's actions for effortless client relationship nurturing.

As low as $1.19/agent  |  Included in the Automation Bundle and the Superhero Bundle

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Engaging Clients When They Are Most Interested

That's the simple version, anyway. There are plenty of conditions and actions to choose from to create the perfect journey. Because it's all action based, your contact decides when they get the next interaction via email, phone call, etc. based on how they interact with your content.
Client Interaction when they are most interested.

Why Use Drip Campaigns?

Drip Campaigns take the work out of manually analyzing who has been engaging in your marketing efforts and trying to determine how and when to best respond based on their particular action. Pre-configured journeys make sure your contacts are receiving the best content at the right time.
Home Valuation Offer Drip Campaign

Free Starter Campaigns

With new ones being added all the time, you'll be treated to a suite of starter Drip Campaigns to get the ball rolling and the leads flowing. Including, but not limited to:

  • Home Valuation Offer
  • Buyer Engagement
  • Seller Engagement
  • Getting Your Agents Started In rezora
  • New Contact Introduction
Free Starter Drip Campaigns

Robust Campaign Editor

Drip Campaigns are meant to suit your needs, so while we provide you with a good set to get you started, our Campaign Editor provides you with the tools to create the perfect Drip Campaign for your situation.
Robust Campaign Editor
Providing the perfect content at the perfect time

Drip Campaigns That Deliver

  • Utilizes brand compliant templates approved by the brokerage
  • Campaigns can be restricted to one or more agents
  • Included campaigns minimize the time to get started
  • Follow contact's progress as they move through their journey
  • Easily view cumulative analytics on content included in a campaign
  • On-boarding options for every level of service

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Full Automation

Marketing Automation is the quick and easy, low cost way to provide immediate value to all your agents with real-time listing, contact, and calendar monitoring.

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As low as $1.19/agent

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns provide just-in-time content based on your contact's actions for effective client nurturing with minimal effort by you and your agents.

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As low as $1.19/agent

Lead Nurture

Create professional, on-brand templates and send them on the agents' behalf (contacts are never shared), or let them add the finishing touches before sending.

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As low as $3.57/agent