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Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns provide consistent and timely marketing emails for effortless client nurturing.

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Engaging Clients When They Are Most Interested

There are plenty of ways to stay connected with your clients and drip campaigns are proven to be one of the most efficient. Your drip campaign will deliver a series of email marketing pieces automatically from you, over a given period. Simply, add the clients who are currently engaged and working with you, and show them you're the expert they need in their home buying or selling process.
Client Interaction when they are most interested.

Why Use Drip Campaigns?

Drip Campaigns take the work out of manually analyzing who has been engaging in your marketing efforts and trying to determine how and when to best respond based on their particular action. Pre-configured campaign journeys make sure your contacts are receiving the best content at the right time. 
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Free Starter Campaigns

With rezora, you'll be treated to a suite of starter Drip Campaigns to get the ball rolling and the leads flowing. Including, but not limited to:

  • Home Valuation Offer
  • Buyer Engagement
  • Seller Engagement
  • Getting Your Agents Started In rezora
  • New Contact Introduction

Wanting more? Use our rezora Virtual Assistant services to help build you a more custom campaign.

Free Starter Drip Campaigns
Providing the perfect content at the perfect time

Drip Campaigns That Deliver

  • Included campaigns minimize the time to get started
  • Follow contact's progress as they move through their campaign journey
  • Easily view cumulative analytics on content included in a campaign
  • Utilizes brand-compliant templates approved by the brokerage

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