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Reach An Untapped Audience: Involvement in Student Housing


55% of college students live in off-campus housing.

I'm here to help you break down each step of the process so that you know what to expect. There are a lot of questions you should ask and many things you need to think about for something as big as renting an apartment. The first chapter will have a checklist you can refer to during your search. The other chapters talk about finding a roommate, and then finalizing the process. Here's a guide from a fellow student on the process of locking down an apartment for yourself!

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Picture this: a young college student or even a recent graduate is looking for an apartment. The idea of living independently from their family is exciting, and they need this new place in order to attend school and/or work at a certain job. Their school announces an off-campus housing fair - they promise that there will be some people there to hand out pamphlets about the possible options this student has. They could even live with their friends! What an exciting time!

They arrive at the housing fair and there are some people who look like they know what this student needs. The student comes over and gets free pens, notebooks, hand sanitizer, and most importantly the pamphlets with information about the apartments. These places are almost too good to be true; they're right next to their school and look absolutely gorgeous. They look so new that the student already knows the utilities are going to work well. They fall in love with the place and decide to do a bit of research after the housing fair. When the student gets back to their dorm and researches the place, their heart sinks; can they really pay over $1000 worth of rent per person a month?

Even if they're getting  support from their family, is it really worth it? Surely there must be other options, right? The luxury housing right next to their school isn't an absolute necessity; at this point this student just needs a place. There are other options, but where can they start looking? How do they know who to trust?

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By providing them with more affordable options at this age now, you could build an early foundation of trust. They could rent an apartment from you now and buy a house from you later. Students will benefit from getting an apartment now and maybe a house later, and you can benefit from having more clients under your belt for the present and future. Let's go over how you can get involved and how it can benefit you.

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