Making More From Less With Your Real Estate Email Marketing Content

Kate Reinarz, Jr. Marketing Manager

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September 23, 2020

Making more from less with your real estate email marketing content

The due dates on your calendar for the next eBlast keep coming, but the content seems to be finite. It’s important to keep your content diverse enough to keep your audience engaged, so next time you’re putting together that monthly eNewsletter, consider how you can use your existing content to create even more valuable content for your sphere of influence and prospective clients to consume.

Written Content

Written content is great for getting the most juice from the squeeze - submit your article to a local magazine or newspaper to position yourself as an industry expert, create infographics or videos from a single article, or even an eBook from a collection of articles; the possibilities are endless.

  • How did you become a real estate agent? How did you get started?
  • What did you learn in your first year as an agent?
  • Customer case studies - what was their pain point and how did you help them overcome it?
  • Home buying and selling tips - how to stage your home for an open house, best practices for first time buyers, etc.
  • Home buying or selling FAQs - what do you get asked the most about buying and selling homes?
  • Review of a neighborhood in your city - what restaurants are good? Are there parks nearby? What’s the history of the neighborhood?
  • How are you adjusting to working in real estate during COVID-19? What does your new workday look like? How do you separate work from home? What does your work-from-home office space look like?

Video Content

Because it requires software, time, and ideas, video content can be more work, but with more reward. A video can be used time and time again, making this a valuable piece of content if you include information that is of value to your audience. Not only can you include a link to it in your emails, but it can be included on a webpage, hosted on a YouTube channel, and shared on social media platforms.

  • Virtual tours of your listings - don’t forget the captions or on-screen information!
    TAn example of using a listing video in emailhis will make for an easier viewing experience so your viewer can get as much information as possible in one short video. Including captions or on-screen information will make for a seamless experience for those who may not have their sound on.
  • Testimonial videos - if you have a client who’s ecstatic about the services they received from you, get them to sing their praises via a short video. 
  • Behind the scenes of your workspace tour - if you’re working from home, this is your chance to show off how you’ve reworked your home to be an office. Or, introduce your audience to your coworkers and give a tour of the office.
  • A tour of a popular neighborhood in your city, or a neighborhood that you frequently have listings available in. Make sure to include a feel for the lifestyle of the neighborhood, and what it would look like to experience living there.
  • Try live video content - go live on Instagram or Facebook and answer some of those home buying and selling FAQ’s - but make sure you’re promoting your live event via email first!

If you're using rezora's content creation tool, Zephyr, drop in a link to your video and a thumbnail like the one above will be automatically generated and linked to your video for easy sharing. 

Visual Content

Create graphics to remind your audience to follow you on social media

Don’t forget the alt-text tags! Visual content can be pretty easy to generate if you have existing content and some good tools to do so - especially if you're using a tool like Canva, you can simply select a template you like, enter your content, and save.

  • Infographics - did you previously write about the top 3 best things to know before buying a home? Great news - this content can easily be transformed into a whole new piece of content by turning it into an infographic. This infographic can be shared in your emails and on social media, too! This tool will help you create an infographic for free.
  • Staff photos - let your audience get to know the team behind the brokerage! Or if you’re working from home, maybe share some photos of your pet or family and how you’ve all adapted to being home together. This is a great Instagram post, too!
  • Listing images - maybe you create a list of your listings with the top 3 prettiest backyards; not only are you promoting your listings, but you get to show off your beautiful listing photography in a creative way.
  • If a video tour of a city or neighborhood isn’t feasible, try a slideshow of images showing off the lifestyle and feel by capturing restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, parks, schools, etc. Make sure to expand upon each image in its caption!
  • Remind people of your social presence - try creating a graphic of your recent Instagram posts using this free Canva template (pictured above). Once you’ve downloaded the customized image, drop it into your email and link to your account!


  • Offer an eBook that the reader can take with them - creating an eBook is a lot of work, but if you’re already writing a blog, odds are good that the content is already there. You just need to rework into a cohesive eBook, find an eBook template online, enter your content and you’re done! Many eBook templates will also include promotional graphic templates so you won't need to worry about creating the Instagram promo later.
  • While you could volunteer in your community and tell everyone about it, you could also create your own volunteer opportunity and invite your audience to join for some sort of offering. For example, include a link to an Instagram post where 1 like = 5 masks you’ll donate to those who need it. Offer 10% off of a service or a free consultation to those who liked the photo - it’s a win all-around. Then, in your next email, include a thank you note to those who liked the photo! If you wanted to stretch it even further, you could post on your social media when you make the donation and encourage your followers to do the same.

As you create real estate marketing content, think about how you can take the steps now to set yourself up for success later - write that blog post in a list format so it can become an infographic later, or make sure to pick cohesive topics that you can later turn into an eBook. Remember to alt-text tag your images, segment your audiences, and include a CTA, and you’ll be golden in your content marketing efforts.

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