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Zephyr is a state-of-the-art content creation tool that empowers users to easily create and distribute high-quality, on-brand templates. Create templates for agent distribution, company scheduled sends, and automated marketing, all with Zephyr's high-powered engine.

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Brand compliance at its best

Zephyr has been built to fit the hierarchical nature of rezora. Marketers are equipped with accessibility and editability settings, so you're always in complete control of what your agents have access to, and what they're able to do with it. While marketers can create templates from scratch and release them to their agents, agents can then go in and make any changes for further personalization, all based upon the editability settings of the template. Marketers can protect their brand, while agents can protect their personal relationships with their clients.

Save rows for future use

Zephyr allows marketers to create and save rows of content; imagine pre-filled templates for each section type of emails - header, body, footer, etc. So not only can you rest easy knowing your agents only have access to on-brand content rows, but you can reuse your rows to make future template creation even easier. You can look forward to easily customizable out-the-box rows when your account is created, so you don't have to waste any time getting started.

Row manager

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Automatically import listings

You don't have the time to enter your listing details time and time again, which is why rezora integrates with your MLS feed. Simply select a listing and the details will auto-populate for you. The same functionality also allows you to select additional agents and news articles as well. Creating marketing pieces has never been easier, with rezora's marketing piece creation flow adapting your content to each specific template. Let us do the hard part for you.

Free stock imagery and RSS feeds

Good marketing materials require high quality imagery, but it can be hard to find free imagery that fits your needs. Zephyr provides easy access to search for and download images that ensure that your marketing pieces are enticing to your target audience. You can also import curated articles from key national and local RSS feeds, as well as from your own blog!

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