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email secrets every day
Kate Reinarz, Jr. Marketing ManagerFebruary 28, 20221 min read

Email Secrets Every Day

A celebration of rezora's unlimited contacts & sends.

You've been told to grow your list by at least five contacts per day, but your subscription costs more when your list grows successfully? It doesn't make sense to us either.

Since the dawn of rezora, we've never seen the point in limiting the amount of contacts you can add to your account. We exist to help you grow, and that comes with your email list. To celebrate over a decade of unlimited contacts and sends, we're creating an email or drip campaign template every day for 30 days, beginning March 2nd.

Each template includes tools of the trade that can only come with over a decade of experience in the industry. You can see the template and the secrets behind it in a daily email (sign up here). The best part is that every single email and drip campaign will be made available in every single rezoraONE account. We hope you feel empowered to send each of your new contacts a personalized email with one of your new templates - the sky is the limit.

What's rezoraONE?

rezoraONE is email marketing software for the individual. For a decade, we've helped real estate brokerages and brands start important conversations through email; now we're opening our doors to the individual. To support unlimited contacts & sends forever, accounts are on an invite-only basis. To secure your invite, you can head to

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