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Create Drip Campaigns That Get Results


Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Drip Campaigns

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What is a drip campaign?

A drip campaign is a marketing campaign that consists of “breaking down any sort of marketing communication into a series of ‘drips’ spread across a certain period of time.” The focus of a drip campaign is mainly on gently nudging customers towards purchasing a service rather than demanding it outright.

What are the components of a drip campaign?

The main components of a drip campaign are the triggers, the conditions, and the actions.

Triggers are certain events/reasons that would lead one to begin a drip campaign. They are the first thing that happens in a drip campaign. Examples of triggers include:

  • A new blog subscriber
  • Creating a lead
  • A customer leaving a website without buying the items in their shopping cart
  • Account creation

Conditions are similar to triggers in that a certain event must occur in order for marketing actions to be taken. However, while the trigger is the initial event that causes a drip campaign to begin, conditions are how the path of the drip campaign are determined. Examples of conditions include:

  • Sending an email to a customer after they click a specific link
  • A certain number of days passing before sending out a drip campaign email


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