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Email software that sells homes.

Email software
that sells homes.

Be the Superhero your agents need with email marketing software built for real estate and proven to grow business.

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Become a Superhero

in 60-Seconds

Watch this quick and informative overview on how you can become a Marketing Superhero using the rezora suite of innovative email marketing solutions.

Stop Risking Your Reputation

& Your Agent's Business

  • 2021-thanksBring your agents more and better listings
  • Help your agents sell more homes faster
  • Establish trust with your agents
  • Save time using already proven programs
  • Provide email marketing programs that work
  • Establish your agents and brokerage as market leaders
  • Save time through automation and artificial intelligence
  • Establish yourself as a real estate marketing Superhero

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over 10 years of experience

We've helped facilitate billions of conversations on millions of listings for thousands of agents worldwide.

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How It Works

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Step One

Sign up for the products that best suit your current needs. Adding on products in the future is always just a click away.

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Step Two

We work with you to configure your system and provide the necessary training to get your first marketing pieces out the door.

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Step Three

Pull out your Superhero cape 'cause you are going to need it!

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Software & Data Integrations

Free your data, free your mind (and time)!
Our open API and integrations allows for the free-flow of data into and out of the software you already use.

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Learn about the strategy that inspired the bones of the rezora system: Collaboration Marketing. This two part series provides insight into a marketing strategy that can be used again & again - whether or not you're a rezora user. 

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Why rezora?

At rezora we know that you want to be a Marketing Superhero. In order to do that, you need successful marketing tools and programs for your agents. The problem is the industry is littered with underperforming solutions which leaves you frustrated and lost. We understand how difficult it is to create and execute marketing programs that help grow your agents' business which is why we have successfully helped thousands of agents market millions of listings to billions of buyers. Here's how we do it:

1. You select the the product or products that best fit your current needs.
2. Our team of experts works with you to configure your system to fit your unique needs.
3. You run around the room with your Superhero's cape on 'cause you just saved the day!

So, Sign Up Now. And in the meantime, download our Free eBook series. So you can stop watching your agents lose business to the competition as a result of poor marketing and instead help grow their business and elevate them to leaders in your market.