Rezora 101: Templates vs. Marketing Pieces

If you manage your company’s Admin account – you may have noticed that with the new Template Tool came some things in your account looking slightly different. These changes are subtle, however, we want to be sure they make sense! In order to do this, we’re answering 1 primary question that we think will clear the air: What’s the difference between a Template and a Marketing piece?

rezora now Integrates with Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google, that tracks and reports website traffic. It monitors your website's traffic to detect significant statistical variations, then generates alerts when they occur. (see Wikipedia)

What are the Benefits of Google Anaytics?
A closer look will bring you insights you might have missed — for example, a spike in traffic from a particular city or campaign.

How to get the most out of your holiday campaign


Once again, the holidays are around the corner and we’re all wondering where 2015 got the nerve to come and go without warning us. (Can you believe we have less than 2 months before it’s gone for good?) In the spirit of tying things up before the new year, one thing is for sure: you want to end the year strong, but you don’t want to over commit to any new projects that will hinder this. We want you to stay engaged with your customers so they don’t write you off like their 2015 New Year’s resolutions, but we also want you to sit back, relax and take full advantage of your turkey coma. So how, you ask, is this possible?

rezora’s New Template Game

As a direct response to our favorite people (you!), we’re now offering a number of free templates in your rezora account. And, not only are they free, they’ll automatically appear in your account if you’re an existing user and your company elects to make them available. You should already know by know how important we believe it is to Stay Front of Mind, so now you have no excuse!

Here's a little preview:

The Importance of Staying Front of Mind

Your previous customers are your most important source of business, hands down. Not only are your clients likely to consult you for their next purchase, but they’ll also spread the word. Previous buyers, referrals and word of mouth account for up to 60% of your business. Let’s look at some more facts:

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