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As marketers, we know videos and images make up a large portion of your online content. It's no secret that adding great visuals and graphics to your marketing pieces can increase more interest in what you're selling. With this in mind, it's important to make sure you're creating your visual content with the best tools. To give our clients some creative inspiration, we have made a list of the best apps for stock imagery, image editing, GIF makers, and design help. While scanning through the list, start to imagine all the beautiful email, social media, display ad, and other marketing pieces you could create with these helpful tools. 

What Goes Around Comes Around: 6 Ways to Gain Referrals from Clients

There are several ways you can gain referrals in any industry, but many times a satisfied customer can be your best source of advertisement. Whether it’s a friend, sister, neighbor, or previous client, the more people to vouch for your great service, the better! You want to stick in your previous clients' minds so that the next time they refer to a real estate agent, they say your name. Gaining referrals from your previous clients/associates is a fantastic way for you to spread your self-brand, and generate trustworthy leads.  

Going the Extra Mile: 5 Ways to Fine Tune Your Performance

Standing out from the competition isn't always easy to do, but there are some simple ways that can help you go the extra mile. When you change and improve certain aspects of your business approach, you will see how small adjustments can really equal a big reward. To ensure that you can gain the skills needed to improve as a rezora marketer, we comprised a list of 5 ways to help you fine tune your performance and gain the lead generation you're looking for.  

5 Great Social Media Analytics Apps

As a marketer, you have learned that social media is an important platform to take advantage of. It can be tough to figure out the ins and outs of apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but there are tools out there that will help you analyze the data on all of your social media. This information will help you figure out your best times to post, your most effective posts, and information about your followers/ who you're following. These apps are easy to use, and have multiple uses. To ensure that our customers have the tools to become the best marketers they can be, we came up with a list of great social media analytic apps! 

Here are 5 great Social Media Analytics Apps: 

5 Ways to Stay Motivated with Your Work

Do you ever find yourself losing interest in your work? Does your lack of inspiration reflect in your performance? If you answered yes, then do not worry because you're not alone. According to an article written for CNBC called "Nearly half of global employees unhappy in jobs: Survey" recent studies show that 48% of employees worldwide dislike their jobs, more than 80% of US workers feel anxious and stressed at the office, and only 30% feel “engaged and inspired” by their careers. When you aren’t interested in your work, it becomes harder to get up and do well every day. According to Academy of Management, happy employees who find joy at their jobs are significantly more productive. So what measures can you take to hearten your work performance? We organized a list of simple every day actions to help you stay inspired. 


Part 3 of 3: Advice to New Agents Coming into Real Estate

In the previous two posts in this trilogy, we discussed how technology has transformed Real Estate into a digital world and how using this technology correctly will greatly help your success in the future. With the information from those two posts in mind, we end this series with some advice from successful Real Estate professionals who have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Hopefully this post provides guidance and answers some questions for new agents who are starting their careers and expect some great success in the future.

117 Content Ideas

One of the hardest things about creating great content is finding subject matter to cover. Not only does this subject matter have to be exciting and interesting, it has to be relevant and useful to your audience. Below, we’re sharing 117 content ideas for your emails, newsletters, blog posts and more. Click here to download the PDF, and feel free to leave suggestions for other content ideas in the comments!

6 Tips on Crafting the Perfect Real Estate Marketing Email

When you’re sending out a marketing email, review this checklist to make sure you’re following these 6 best practices.

What are good Email Open and Click through Rates?

A great way to see how your email marketing is performing is to compare some key metrics to others in your industry. rezora offers reporting on several different metrics, and 2 of the most important numbers to look at are your open rate, and your click through rate.

The 5 Best Real Estate Blogs

With so many sources out there for great real estate updates, we wanted to share 5 of our favorite sites when it comes to news, trends, and insight into the industry. We hope that these become some of your go to sites as well!