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Tips on Growing Your Contact List
Meghan Childs, Sr. Account ManagerNovember 10, 20215 min read

Tips on Growing Your Contact List

Getting leads for your business can be daunting but as we all know it is so crucial. To turn prospects into clients you will need to work year-round during slow and busy times to capture leads and maintain relationships. To help, we’ve put a list of tips and strategies together with the hope it will spark ideas on how you can keep your business growing with new clients.


This may seem obvious but is an EASY way to get prospects emails. On your website or blog add window that pops up asking if they want to sign up for blog updates, your newsletter, or just want more information. It’s simple and requires minimal communication to get the email. 


Not only can you add a window or pop up asking for an email, make it very clear how to contact you on your website and other marketing material. You can use a contact page on your site that is easy to find in the menu header. The last thing you want is someone trying to reach out to you, and they have no idea how to contact you.  


Keep the sign-up form for any of these options simple by asking for just a name, email address and a section for a note/question. Having more than three fields can turn someone away by making it feel like a task to fill out. Once this is provided then you can reach out and talk details. 



It goes without saying, Network. Network. Network. This is one way to really build your prospect list, but it is not always easy. Networking doesn’t mean you have to go to every Chamber of Commerce meeting or other events you dread, instead take part in events and activities you enjoy.  

Here are a couple of ideas on things to look into: 

  • Join a fitness class, take part in an adult sports league like a kickball, or join a local club like a running club. You could even create these with your friends to get started and have everyone invite people to join. 
  • Take classes for something you’ve always wanted to try like a hobby; photography, painting, web design, anything you can imagine there is a class for it!  
  • Become a regular! This can be at several places like a coffee shop, restaurant, stores, even a happy hour spot. That way the staff and other regulars get to know you and start up conversations with you. 
  • Volunteer, you can volunteer at one or numerous places just to meet more people. 

The key with any of these activities is to keep showing up. Consistency will start conversations and build connections which grows your network. 



Another quick and easy way to build your contact list is to follow up with anyone who reaches out to you immediately. This means the same day someone reaches out about your business follow up the same day. If it’s late at night, reach out early the next morning. The last thing you want to do is wait too long to respond while a prospect is looking because they are likely reaching out to others as well. 



The inevitable social media recommendation. Yep, I’ve added it here. Social posts are hard to stick with because we all want the instant gratification of people liking or commenting on what we post. Don’t be fooled, it is not all about likes and comments, again, consistency is key! The more you post the more you will be seen on social even if your friends are not actively liking and commenting on everything you put out there. Keep showing up and showing your dedication to your business on your accounts, eventually a friend will hear of someone looking to buy or sell a home and you will be the one they think of due to your consistency. 


Just like emails, the content you share on social must bring value to your potential audience and current followers. This could be providing information as simple as tips on decorating your home for fall, who to use for pest control/carpet cleaning/landscaping/etc., or a list of things to do before you list your home. It’s so important that the message you are delivering is benefitting the person you want as your client and the individuals who follow you on your social accounts. It gives you added credibility that you are the expert. 


Quick Tip: I recommend posting organically on your pages but also take advantage of paid social ads. This allows you to target the prospects you want generally people looking at sites like Zillow, Trulia, and other real estate sites. It can be much more affordable than traditional advertising, drives people to your website, and will generate new contacts with the leads you receive.  



Ask your satisfied past clients to provide a short testimonial or referral you can put on your website, business card, or post on social. There’s nothing stronger than the voice of happy customers to praise your business.  



This is a unique one that can be extravagant or very simple. Once you’ve closed a deal and you know your clients are excited about their new home and can’t wait to invite friends and family over, gift them by sponsoring a housewarming party. Depending how lavish you want to go you could host and be there to meet all their family and friends. Or keep it simple by paying for the catering and asking them to place a small custom sign near it with your cards and information on it. If you don’t want to provide food, you could provide new entertainment serve ware or anything you want that might provide an opportunity for your client to let friends and family know that you are the one who helped find their new home and graciously hosted their party. 



My last tip is to block time on your calendar each day to commit to prospecting and reaching out to your leads. This seems like a lot but if you set aside just 30-60 minutes each day, you will start seeing more leads. 


Now that you have some new ideas to get more prospects remember to organize them in your rezora distribution lists and stay connected even if they are not ready to make the plunge. Contact Automation and Drip Campaigns are great tools to maintain those relationships and keep you top of mind.  


Now go get ‘em!