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Kate Reinarz, Jr. Marketing ManagerSeptember 11, 20192 min read

The Rule of Seven




The Rule of Seven is a fairly common concept in marketing. Before making a sale, you'll need to contact a prospective client seven times. Does that mean you can send seven emails or call seven times and you'll start signing paperwork? No. Does that mean you will need to contact your friend's great aunt whom you've met twice, FIVE more times? No, and thank goodness because I can't take any more fruitcake.

The Rule of Seven really just means that it takes about seven touches for someone to start paying real attention to what you're offering. The digital world is oversaturated with ads, so it's no surprise it takes a few (or seven) times for a prospective client to consider what you're selling them.

The person who receives seven random calls or emails simply doesn't know you, trust you and probably after being bombarded, like you. On the other end of this spectrum, your friend's great aunt already wants you to be part of the family and would buy anything from you. Then why is this rule such common knowledge you ask? The common denominator is trust. You must gain your prospective clients trust for them to move forward with you. Let's start with your friend's great aunt. Why does she already trust you? Simple - she trusts her great niece, who trusts you. Unfortunately, all your friends' great aunts won't build you a successful business.

It's much more difficult to gain the trust of anyone in your community. However, big brands do it everyday - think consumer loyalty, but how do they do it? How do they have a mass following and have never physically met most of their clients? The answer is a bit more complex, but it starts simple. Beautiful marketing.

Consumers see ads everyday for products they don't need, but they pay attention to the beautiful and intriguing ads simply because they are fun to look at. Then, when they need a certain product, they remember the (seven) beautiful ads and buy that brand. These ads can take all sorts of forms - email, retargeting, social - the list goes on! One of our go-to's is display ad retargeting. Once the ad is set up, your prospective clients will be constantly reminded of you, and you don't even have to think about it.

Whatever your ad platform of choice may be, remember to keep the branding beautiful and the messaging intriguing. Happy sending!