Our ongoing response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic


As information and circumstances surrounding this global pandemic continue to change, we continue to evaluate how we can best serve our team, our customers, and our communities. Below are some of the ways we are doing this.

Caring for Our Team

As a company, we're like a family. With fewer than 25 employees, we know each other's families, kids, and even pets! We know that many of you are fond of our staff as well. During times like these, our values are what carries us. Employee practices like the following allow us to care for our staff:

  1. All of our staff are remote - they already work from home, in locations from coast to coast. This allows them to continue to serve our customers in a safe, sanitary, responsible space.
  2. Greater workday flexibility - we've given our staff the ability to adapt to this emergency; to care for family members, be with children who are now at home, whatever they need to take care of what's important.
  3. Travel restrictions - all company travel is suspended until it is safe to do so.
  4. Excellent benefits and health care - we've always valued, and offered, the best benefits we can possibly afford. All staff are offered comprehensive health insurance benefits.
  5. Liberal PTO - our employees have ample time away when needed. We're encouraging them to care for their health and take time off should they not feel well. 
Stop the Spread

Early on, along with over 1,500 other CEOs, we committed to the Stop the Spread initiative and doing our part individually and collectively to help Stop the Spread, which has lead to many of the following items.

Updating Our Platform to Serve Recovery Care Communities

The team at rezora quickly identified our ability to address a very real need for Recovery Care facilities as family members were being told they could no longer visit in person. A weekend of quick engineering work made it possible to help bridge this communication gap. More information can be found in this blog post.

N95 Mask Donations

During the above engagement, we found out that the healthcare providers at The Enclave Transitional Rehabilitation Community in San Antonio, Texas were without N95 masks and were having to reuse masks or use cloth masks. We quickly worked with the folks at Survival Frog to secure and donate hundreds of N95 masks at a time when they had none.

Service Continuity

At rezora, we were a fully remote workforce long before this pandemic hit. Our ability to serve and support our customers remains unaffected and we see no reason it will be moving forward. Additionally, the rezora platform resides on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure across several US data centers. We have seen no service interruptions nor do we expect to as a result of this pandemic, but you can always check on our system status by visiting https://rezora.statuspage.io/. You can also read the letter from our CEO to our clients at the onset of the pandemic in response to service continuity.


We are and always have been an American-made and American-based organization. For those of you that received an SBA PPP Loan, rest assured that your engagement with us satisfies your certification with the SBA that you will "...purchase only American-made equipment and products."

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