Year In Review: How COVID Impacted Real Estate Marketing

2020 has been a doozy, that’s for sure. From a heated political environment, to a global pandemic, to one of the most volatile housing markets in recent memory, 2020 has tested our society in more ways than one. To everyone who lost a family member, friend or colleague to COVID-19, we share our condolences.

One Key Way To Use Email Newsletters To Grow Your Real Estate Business (With Examples)

In this crazy year of 2020, I'm sure we've all been inundated with email newsletters and such as vendors try to stay top of mind, and staying top of mind is especially important in real estate. Consumers don't buy real estate often, only owning, on average, three homes in their lifetime1. So, being top of mind means being first in line when they are ready and need your services.

The Importance of Holiday Marketing Pieces Using Campaigns

So, it’s official. We’ve made it. 2020 is coming to an end, and with that, we have all the holidays approaching very quickly! You’re booked solid for the next few weeks trying to complete as many transactions as possible before the year ends, planning virtual holiday gatherings, spending time with your family and gift wrapping. With all that going on, who has time to remember to send out a holiday email every week?

Thank you Tony

Thank you Tony and the culture you created for being a guiding light for us all. You will be missed but your legacy lives on. May you rest in peace.

An Expression of Gratitude, From Us To You

As we set up our out-of-office email signatures and block off our meeting calendars at the rezora HQ, we're reminded of how grateful we are that we get to take time and safely spend it with those we love. This year has been a challenging one to say the least, but we've appreciated going through it with all of you. We quite literally wouldn't be where we are without you! Wherever you are this Thanksgiving, we hope it's filled with love and light.

Everything You Should Know About GDPR’s Email Guidelines

This is a guest post written by a member of the Reciprocity Labs team. As with any guest post, the opinions stated herein  do not necessarily reflect the opinions of rezora. For more on rezora and email data regulations, see here.

The Guide to GIF in Email

Making your email stand out is one of the key elements to a successful email campaign, and while there are numerous ways to do so — many of which have been covered on this very blog — I want to talk specifically about adding motion and animation to your emails through the use of GIFs.

Email Simplicity: Like Marie Kondo, but for Emails

In my normal day as I sit in my office, surrounded by books disorganized on shelves, instruments in and out of cases leaning on each other with no real rhyme or reason, and soccer scarves draped over the back of my chair instead of on their proper wall hangings, I often think about decluttering, reorganizing, and just simplifying my space. I know that I am not alone in the need to take the steps to making things more simple in both my work and personal life.

What Good Marketing Can Teach Us About Agent Recruitment Strategy

Every single agent recruitment blog post out there will have a laundry list of things you can try, but odds are, the best agent recruitment strategy is something you’re already familiar with, and it's hiding within your marketing strategy: personalization.

Staying Hot When The Market Cools

The market over the last year has been fickle to say the least. We've gone from a standstill to a white-hot market where brokerages can't keep inventory on hand. For many who were struggling to keep doors open, the resurgence of the market has been quite literally a lifesaver. As things begin to cool for the holidays, the question many brokers are asking is how can they prepare themselves for the inevitable downswing?