Wherever You Are, Be Fully There

It's a simple concept, and it's one of our core values here at rezora. That wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whoever you're with, you should try to be as fully invested and in the moment as possible. This isn't some silly "be spontaneous" advice, in fact it's largely the opposite for me. And while it's much more easily said than done, with some practice you'll learn that it's as much of a skill as it is a concept.

Listing Presentations in a Pandemic World

Needless to say, the world has changed dramatically in the past year. While the official word for 2020 was "Pandemic", we could very well argue that it could have been "You're On Mute".

Implementing New Software For Your Agents While Working From Home

Implementing a new piece of software in an office is a struggle on its own, but it can feel like even more of a burden when your workforce is working remotely. When you're not able to get everyone in a room together, it may feel like your only option is to hold your agent's hands through every step via constant emails and frantic phone calls. But we're here to dispel that myth: it may be something you're not used to yet, but implementing software while the office is at home is completely doable.

Work From Home Best Practices, From Our Desks (Kitchen Tables?) To Yours

rezora made the transition to a fully remote company in 2017, which has given us the luxury of honing our ability to run a productive office from home. In an effort to help alleviate some of the navigation required when it comes to working from home, we've compiled a list of the most helpful resources and best practices, from our desks to yours.