Listing Presentations in a Pandemic World

Melissa Mata

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April 14, 2021

Listing Presentations in a pandemic

Needless to say, the world has changed dramatically in the past year. While the official word for 2020 was "Pandemic", we could very well argue that it could have been "You're On Mute".

An agent's listing presentation is the key factor that sellers take into account when deciding on the agent to sell their home. So, with the new virtual reality we're all suddenly living, how can agents pivot to virtual listing presentations that are professional, effective and successful? Well, you're in luck, because we have a few ideas!

A good presentation should help sellers get a feel for an agent's negotiation expertise, marketing knowledge, experience and professionalism. However, while most agents know what to include, getting a deeper understanding about why it matters to a seller and how this has changed in the past year, is often overlooked.

Ease Their Minds

When a seller calls, give them the option of doing a video conference with you from the get-go. Let them ask a lot of questions as this is new for a lot of people. Tell them about your new process, how it works, what to expect from start to finish and how past clients have found success with this new process that it is mostly virtual.

Technological Familiarity is Preferred

See if your client is familiar with any specific video conferencing software. Zoom, Uber Conference, Google Hangouts, or even FaceTime will work. If they are familiar with a specific software, use that one! Meet them where they're at, and where their comfort-level lies with technology. If they have no preference, pick your favorite method and walk them through the process of how to go about using it. Don't forget to practice ensuring your software is working properly and you will not find any technical difficulties upon starting your meeting presentation.

Sell Yourself

As you would in a regular listing presentation, you must also point out WHY should this client hire you. In every industry, trust is now the most valuable commodity. This concept definitely applies to the real estate industry and especially to homeowners thinking about selling their house.

Don't forget to use your rezora account in your favor! Include samples and success stories of your email marketing through rezora such as total reach, open & click rates, lead generation, etc.

Collateral is Not Completely Out the Door

If you're used to creating a listing presentation brochure, you can still do so! You can have it printed, and mail it to their address, or you can send the document via email as well. If you ship them a printed version, don't forget to include a hand-written note to thank them for the opportunity and their time. After all, you want them to feel a connection with you!

There are also many tools out there such as Flipsnack that can help you prepare a virtual booklet that stimulates turning the pages in a book and can even include an index, videos or live pictures!

Pro tip: you can make this a condensed version of your live listing presentation. It will save you time & provide the client with a refresh of what you went through during your presentation. Also - don't forget to make it mobile friendly!

Market the Possibilities

Painting a picture of all the different things you can do for the listing is a great way to stand out from the rest & make your case on what you can bring to the table. Don't stop just at email marketing. Offering cross-platform marketing is the way to go nowadays! You can market their listings with an email drip campaign, retargeting display ads, and social media ads.

At rezora, we help you do just that! Using your own database to promote your listing in more ways than one, rezora's Marketing Services will highly increase your impressions, results and exposure of the listing. Helping you sell faster and for higher prices. Contact us for more information on the packages offered. 

A plus side to all of this change is that the homebuyers that are looking right now are serious and high quality. With the current low rates, they're not "just looking". Not many are going to look at properties right now with no actual purchase intent. These buyers are likely pre-approved and ready to go.

Be innovative and adapt to these changes in our real estate industry and adopt virtual business practices now. Stand out from the rest and don't give up. See this time as an opportunity to grow!

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