Retargeting (and display advertising): Is it really necessary?

Sitting in front of my computer, preparing to introduce another article written about a recently improved marketing channel, the famed Pixies song, Where is My Mind? enters the air waves. Marketing channels - new and improved - continue to pop up everywhere, and as most have experienced, an individual's "mind" is exposed to not just hundreds but thousands of advertising messages daily. The Pixies might as well be telling the story of the mind of your potential customer, getting lost in the ocean of advertising, especially the surfed waves on the internet. It's imperative then to keep your potential customer's mind focused - as much as you can - on YOU!  

Why Every Marketer Should Consider Retargeting: Facts, Stats and Best Practices



Clients who receive retargeted ads are 76% more likely to convert
Websites that use retargeting see a 726% lift in visitation
Retargeting can increase conversion rates by 147%

3 Benefits of Email With Display Ad Retargeting

rezora’s digital marketing platform allows you to build high-quality marketing pieces and then distribute them through various channels including email and social media.  Lately, we’ve been drawing attention to the effectiveness of adding Display Ad Retargeting to your ongoing email program.