Retargeting (and display advertising): Is it really necessary?

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee About The Author

March 4, 2016

Sitting in front of my computer, preparing to introduce another article written about a recently improved marketing channel, the famed Pixies song, Where is My Mind? enters the air waves. Marketing channels - new and improved - continue to pop up everywhere, and as most have experienced, an individual's "mind" is exposed to not just hundreds but thousands of advertising messages daily. The Pixies might as well be telling the story of the mind of your potential customer, getting lost in the ocean of advertising, especially the surfed waves on the internet. It's imperative then to keep your potential customer's mind focused - as much as you can - on YOU!  

New Call-to-actionEnter retargeting.

If it’s NOT one of your consistent, reliable marketing tools, it may be after reading Ratko Vidakovic’s thoughtful, persuasive reasons for retargeting in the article, Why Every Marketer Should Leverage Retargeting; a well-written find, filled with smart marketing advice. We love how he explains it all. Why reinvent the wheel?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, retargeting is a close cousin to display advertising. Display advertising represents the opportunities on the myriad web sites offering up space for you to advertise your brand (think banner ad). You bid on (the value) of those spaces, and when you win your ad shows up for all who visit that site, to see (and possibly dig deeper by clicking on the ad and heading to your landing page).

Retargeting is, well, more targeted. Display advertising’s audience is anyone; retargeting is dialing that audience back to the folks that historically have shown they’re more likely to buy your product or service.

At this point you may be anxiously pondering that this represents “yet another marketing tool I have to keep track of!" Yeah, we get that. Here comes our shameless plug, sort of. The shameless plug part: Rezora has offered retargeting as an additional service to support your marketing efforts. It’s easy to include the “code” in the marketing materials you (and your sales agents) customize in Rezora’s platform that trigger the ads to be displayed. We’ll help bid on the sites that will showcase the ad. The sort of part: If you’re currently using a service that offers display advertising and retargeting, we can include the “code” provided to you in your Rezora templates. No additional cost. We’re here to serve. (BTW, we use retargeting and we swear by it. Have you seen our ads?)

If you've not yet read what Mr. Vidakovic has to say on the matter, you really should. It’s all good.