Localized May Content Ideas

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May 2, 2018

may contentIt's time to say goodbye to April, and hello to May! This means more than just setting up your garden for those May flowers. With the changing of the month, it is important to start planning your May content. On top of your monthly or weekly newsletter, consider planning and sending additional localized content. This way your clients will know that they can rely on you for information about the community. One way to do this is to look at the national monthly observations which can serve as content inspiration for your emails and social media. May is filled with great promotion opportunities and we're providing you with multiple ideas for great email content for the month! 

Here are localized content ideas for May 2018: 

National Mental Health Month 

  • Healthy tips on how to relieve stress
  • How to properly meditate
  • Stats on mental health in America
  • A mental health quiz

National Photographer Month 

  • Referrals to local photographers 
  • Examples of photography from one of your listings
  • Photos of your localcommunity  

National Bike Month 

  • Stats on howbiking can improve your health 
  • Stats on how many people bike to work in your community
  • Local bike rental places/ bike paths

National BBQ Month 

  • The best BBQ recipes
  • Referrals to great local BBQ restaurants 

Cinco de Mayo - May 5th 

  • The best guacamole recipes
  • Simple ways to decorate for a Cinco de Mayo party
  • Local Mexican restaurants 

National Tourism Day - May 7th 

  • Coupons for local attractions
  • Stats on how many tourists come to your community
  • Vacationrentals near you 

National Teacher's Day - May 8th 

  • Simple gifts for teachers
  • The best teachers/ schools in your community

National Receptionist Day - May 9th 

  • Incentive ideas for receptionists/ other employees
  • Great reasons for hiringa receptionist 
  • Local job openings for receptionists

Clean up Your Room Day - May 10th 

  • Easy ways to organize your room
  • Local places to buy at home storage
  • Spring cleaning projects

Eat What You Want Day - May 11th 

  • Local restaurants with food challenges
  • "Cheat day" recipes
  • Great cooking magazines and blogs

Mother's Day - May 13th 

  • Mother's Day poems
  • Local Mother's Day events/ 5k's 
  • Local Mother's Day discounts

International Museum Day - May 18th 

  • Local museums and passes
  • Art exhibits/ competitions
  • The best museums around the world

Be a Millionaire Day - May 20th 

  • Key facts to starting a business
  • Tips on how to properly save money
  • Links to great businessblogs/ magazines 

National Wine Day - May 25th 

  • Local wine tasting events
  • The best outdoor patios
  • How to join the "Wine of the Month" club

Memorial Day- May 28th 

  • How to make the best American Flag Cake
  • DIY Memorial Day Crafts
  • Creative games for Memorial Day weekend parties
  • Discounts on weekend getaways



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