Going the Extra Mile: 5 Ways to Fine Tune Your Performance

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January 5, 2018

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Standing out from the competition isn't always easy to do, but there are some simple ways that can help you go the extra mile. When you change and improve certain aspects of your business approach, you will see how small adjustments can really equal a big reward. To ensure that you can gain the skills needed to improve as a rezora marketer, we comprised a list of 5 ways to help you fine tune your performance and gain the lead generation you're looking for.  

  1. Start listening to industry podcasts in your free time. 

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Whether it's during your morning commute or in between client meetings, use your free time to start listening to an industry podcast. There are many interesting Real Estate podcasts out there that provide you with valuable insight about broad markets and local markets. By doing so, you will be constantly brushing up on the latest trends which will give you a competitive advantage. 

Podcasts to consider trying: 

This power Real Estate couple have been top performing agents and now highly sought after Real Estate coaches. They talk about topics such as mindset and motivation, business planning, lead generation, and listing/buyer agents. They explain important concepts in a clear way and can help you to improve your overall performance. 

This podcast can be found on iTunes and covers topics ranging from Business and Marketing to Real Estate. The two hosts often have several of the industry's brightest minds on as guests to discuss the correlations of real estate sales and business strategies. 


  1. Try starting/updating your blog.

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If you haven't started a blog, you should consider making that one of your goals this quarter. If you have a blog, you should start making an initiative to update it. You'll look professional when you have multiple platforms of communication and for displaying your listings. 

How you can update:  

  • Offer real estate insight to potential clients visiting your page letting them know that you know what you're doing. 
  • Presents yourself as a useful source of knowledge about the local industry and community by posting relevant content.


  1. Improve your photography/listing posting formats.

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Similarly to updating your blog, updating your photography and how you display your listings will make you look professional. However, improving the quality of the image isn't the only aspect that needs updating. It's also important to consider the content of your images. That is, what the photos are of and how they're displayed.  

  • Be sure to understand what aspects of the property will be most attractive to a potential buyer and include those images in their best light. 
  • Consider using video or 3D animation as an alternative to regular pictures. People tend to engage more when there is video or animation and several marketers have begun to take advantage of this trend. Try adding video to your next listing and watch if your engagement increases.

By updating your displays, you will give a potential buyer more inclination to learn more. Showing the property's best features in their best light will bring in more leads.  


  1. Start targeting your content. 

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It's a nice idea to consider everyone a potential client, but unfortunately, it can be unrealistic. If you target your content specifically to a certain target market, you will have a more direct reach. You can do this through your own marketing planning and also through social media platforms like Facebook.  

  • You can target your content in many ways through your own marketing plan. Analyze and conclude what target market you will most succeed in and aim to dominate that market. This means staying on brand throughout all your social media, emails, and all other marketing channels. 
  • Facebook allows you to direct your ads and posts to specific target markets, allowing you to apply filters to you who you are trying to reach. This is a great strategy because it ensures that who you want to be seeing your post, actually are seeing it. 


  1. Make an increased effort to maintain good client relationships.

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We've said it multiple times, but it's a point that needs to be reiterated. It is so important to maintain good relationships with your clients, past clients, and potential clients. Set the tone that everyone is a potential buyer even if they don't know it yet and that you're the agent that will care for them when they do. Focus on the little "above and beyond" moments that will make your clients feel happy to have your service.  

For more information on how to maintain good client relationships, visit this blog post: 10 Stats that Prove Why it's Important to Maintain your Client Relationships after Closing 



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