10 Stats that Prove Why it's Important to Maintain your Client Relationships after Closing

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December 14, 2017

Why it's Important to Maintain your Client Relationships after Closing

You work hard to find your clients the perfect home and help them sign for a great deal. The thrill of the sale combined with the satisfaction on your client’s face is a feeling that you will always remember. But the great relationship you built shouldn’t end when the sale closes. How can you maintain your client relationships after closing? Whether it be a phone call, an email, or a “Congratulations” package, it shows honorable character to make an effort to show your clients that their best interest is in mind. We discuss some of the most efficient ways to stay in touch with your clients and why it so important to your brand. By understanding why staying in touch with your clients is so important, you will build relationships, earn referrals, and spread your self-brand.  

The following stats may encourage you to rethink the way you maintain your relationships after closing:  


With these facts in mind, it is hard to believe that only 9% of realtors contact their clients after closing. Building good relationships is a key part to gaining a name in the industry. It’s important to understand your clients and figure out the best ways to keep in touch with them individually.  

How does maintaining good relationships with your clients benefit you? 

 1) Creates potential for referrals.  

2) Creates potential for repeat clients 

  • 25% of sellers used an agent they’d worked with in the past
  • 61% of recent sellers told NAR they were “very satisfied” with their sales experience
  • IF 61% of sellers claim to be “very satisfied” then why does half that number look for a different realtor when ready to sell again? It may have something to do with the fact that 91% of realtors never contact the buyer or seller of a home after closing. Right after closing may seem too soon to think about gaining repeat customers but every opportunity is vital. When your past clients have your name in mind, not only will they give referrals but will also seek repeat business.

 3) Helps you spread your self-brand: 

It’s necessary for agents to keep in good communications with their clients before, during, and after the deal closes in order to ensure you're building concrete relationships. By doing so, you will see the benefits in referrals, repeat clients, and spreading your self-brand. 

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