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Rachel Lee

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August 30, 2018

September Content (1)

As summer comes to an end, fall brings great opportunities for new content! Planning your email and newsletter content is important and allows you a chance to be creative. We have thought of great ways for you to spice up your digital content. By incorporating localized content into your digital marketing plan, you won’t just be adding interesting content for your readers, but you will also be showing that you understand your community and region. We have brainstormed a great list of localized content ideas for the month of September to give you inspiration for your next marketing piece! 

National Organic Harvest Month 

  • Information about Local Farmer’s Markets 

National Yoga Month 

  • Easy yoga poses for beginners 
  • Local yoga studios 
  • Yoga in the park events 

International Update Your Resume Month 

  • The best tips for building a resume 
  • Articles about what employers are looking for 

Self-Improvement Month 

National Tailgating Day- September 1st 

  • A sports team hat/t-shirt giveaway contest 

Labor Day- September 4th 

  • Local Labor Day parades 
  • Info for a booth you have at a parade or event 
  • A tribute to all hardworking Americans 

National Read a Book Day- September 6th 

  • Local book stores 
  • Info about your local library 
  • Links to lists of recommended books  

National Beer Lover’s Day- September 7th 

  • Local beer gardens 
  • Info about upcoming October Fests 
  • The top breweries in your area or country 

National Day of Encouragement- September 12th 

  • A simple list of meaningful or funny compliments 

National Girl’s Night in Day- September 22nd 

American Business Woman Day- September 22nd 

  • Inspirational businesswomen of today 
  • Highlight some local businesswomen in your area 

National Public Land Day- September 22nd 

  • Local environment volunteer opportunities 
  • Information about local parks 
  • Ways you can contribute to preserving public land 

Autumnal Equinox- September 22nd 

National Coffee Day- September 29th 

  • A list of the best local coffee shops 
  • A video of creative cappuccino foam art 

National Family Health and Fitness Day- September 29th 

  • Fun and healthy recipes for family dinners 
  • Local upcoming 5k’s  

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