2018 Localized Summer Content Ideas

Madison Purvey About The Author

June 8, 2018


Sometimes coming up with relevant email and newsletter content is hard, but we're here to make your job a little easier. This summer, send your clients valuable local insights based off content that’s consistent around the country, yet still relevant to your community and target market. Not only will this present your email and newsletter content as valuable to your clients and prospective clients, but it will also reaffirm your representation of your community. As we have said before, our team loves to make your job easier and thus, we have put together a complete list of localized summer content ideas!


National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

  • Local farmer's markets
  • Healthy summer recipes

National Adopt a Cat Month

  • Local pet adoption centers/ animal shelters
  • Cutest cat/kitten photo contest

National Corn on the Cob Day: June 11th

  • The best corn on the cob recipes
  • Unusual uses for corn
  • Local corn farmer's stands

Flag Day: June 14th

  • History of the American flag
  • Flag Day arts and crafts
  • Lyrics to "You’re a Grand Old Flag"

Father's Day: June 17th

  • Creative/ DIY Father's Day gifts
  • Local Father's Day deals
  • Ideas to celebrate Father's Day (golf, summer festivals, etc.)

National Go Fishing Day: June 18th

  • The best local fishing areas
  • Great fishing tips

Juneteenth: June 19th

  • Ideas for outdoor cookouts, barbecues or picnics.
  • Essay or artwork competitions for young people.
  • Local presentations of community service awards.

Summer Solstice: June 21st

  • Info about daylight changes during the summer
  • Animals that you may hear/ see in the summer
  • The best summer playlists
  • Local summer weather predictions

Bring Your Dog to Work Day: June 22nd



National Ice Cream Month

  • A poll on the best ice cream flavors
  • How to make your own ice cream

Capture the Sunset Week: Week 3 (15th-21st)

  • The best sunset picture contest
  • Great sunset pictures in your community from local photographers
  • Local photography lessons

Build a Scarecrow Day: July 1st

  • DIY scarecrow ideas
  • Scarecrow contests near you
  • "What would your scarecrow name be?" Quiz

International Joke Day: July 1st

  • Funny Mad Libs
  • The best "Dad jokes"
  • Local comedy nights/ performances near you

The 4th of July

  • How to make the best flag cake
  • 4th of July arts and crafts
  • The best patriotic playlists

Pecan Pie Day: July 12th

  • The best pecan pie recipes
  • Bakeries and cafés near you

Friday the 13th: July 13th

  • Spooky stories
  • Unusual good luck charms

International Day of Friendship: July 30th

  • Inspiration/ best ways to reconnect with friends
  • Ideas for meeting new people
  • Local community events


Family Fun Month

National Golf Month

  • The best places to golf near you
  • Summer golf deals
  • Local golf equipment retailers/ coupons

Colorado Day: August 1st

  • Summer events all around Colorado
  • The best craft beer in Colorado
  • Upcoming musicians in Colorado

International Beer Day: August 3rd

  • Local beer gardens
  • Beer festivals near you
  • The best craft beer near you

Relaxation Day: August 15th

Women's Equality Day: August 26th

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