The Simplest Ways to Make Email Marketing Work For You

Why force consumers to drag their heels down to their mailbox only to find irrelevant coupons and numerous advertisements? This waste of paper ends up residing as a coaster on the coffee table or build-up in the trash. The days of traditional paper mail marketing are slowly fading away and making room for targeted and meaningful email marketing. Email marketing is a great way to get your products, deals, and company at the tip of consumers’ fingertips. Although this type of marketing makes for an easy “in” with many clients, there are a couple of tips to remember in order to fully reap all of the many benefits.

Top Podcasts for Real Estate Agents

Podcasts are a great way to learn and share knowledge, experience, and opinions. With the ease of streaming in today’s world, you can listen to podcasts from anywhere on multiple devices and channels. Podcasts are also a great tool for agents to use to gain industry professional insights, marketing tips and coaching, motivation to reach your goals, and even a much-needed laugh. We want to encourage our readers to make a move to improve their skills and themselves, so we have compiled a list of some of the real estate industry’s top podcasts for you to explore! 

45 Great Content Ideas for Winter

Let’s face it, winter isn’t always the easiest time to come up with good content. With the cold dark days ahead of us, your content may start to get dull as well. To avoid losing contacts due to boring emails, plan out your winter content this year with this list of 45 great content ideas for both your local and general audiences. 

For Fall - Localized Content Ideas

As summer comes to an end, fall brings great opportunities for new content! Planning your email and newsletter content is important and allows you a chance to be creative. We have thought of great ways for you to spice up your digital content. By incorporating localized content into your digital marketing plan, you won’t just be adding interesting content for your readers, but you will also be showing that you understand your community and region. We have brainstormed a great list of localized content ideas for the month of September to give you inspiration for your next marketing piece! 

The Best Sources for Generating Content Ideas

Writing content for your newsletters, blogs, and social media can be time consuming, and sometimes you may find yourself in a "content rut". Luckily there are a myriad of helpful sources filled with content ideas, useful articles, and how to's to guide you on your quest for fabulous, memorable content. We have compiled a list of some of the best sources for generating content ideas for your convenience! 

Intriguing Newsletter Content Ideas for Agents and Marketers

For both agents and marketers, it's important to fill your newsletters with a variety of relevant content. From industry news to upcoming events, you can be creative and smart with what you are sending to your team and clients. Our team has come up with several informative content ideas for you to use when putting together your next email or newsletter campaign. Share these intriguing pieces with your recipients and you'll be sure to receive great feedback!

2018 Localized Summer Content Ideas

Sometimes coming up with relevant email and newsletter content is hard, but we're here to make your job a little easier. This summer, send your clients valuable local insights based off content that’s consistent around the country, yet still relevant to your community and target market. Not only will this present your email and newsletter content as valuable to your clients and prospective clients, but it will also reaffirm your representation of your community. As we have said before, our team loves to make your job easier and thus, we have put together a complete list of localized summer content ideas!

Localized May Content Ideas

It's time to say goodbye to April, and hello to May! This means more than just setting up your garden for those May flowers. With the changing of the month, it is important to start planning your May content. On top of your monthly or weekly newsletter, consider planning and sending additional localized content. This way your clients will know that they can rely on you for information about the community. One way to do this is to look at the national monthly observations which can serve as content inspiration for your emails and social media. May is filled with great promotion opportunities and we're providing you with multiple ideas for great email content for the month! 

Here are localized content ideas for May 2018: 

Apps we love

As marketers, we know videos and images make up a large portion of your online content. It's no secret that adding great visuals and graphics to your marketing pieces can increase more interest in what you're selling. With this in mind, it's important to make sure you're creating your visual content with the best tools. To give our clients some creative inspiration, we have made a list of the best apps for stock imagery, image editing, GIF makers, and design help. While scanning through the list, start to imagine all the beautiful email, social media, display ad, and other marketing pieces you could create with these helpful tools. 

What Goes Around Comes Around: 6 Ways to Gain Referrals from Clients

There are several ways you can gain referrals in any industry, but many times a satisfied customer can be your best source of advertisement. Whether it’s a friend, sister, neighbor, or previous client, the more people to vouch for your great service, the better! You want to stick in your previous clients' minds so that the next time they refer to a real estate agent, they say your name. Gaining referrals from your previous clients/associates is a fantastic way for you to spread your self-brand, and generate trustworthy leads.