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Madison PurveyOctober 18, 20173 min read

9 Ways to Keep Up with Real Estate News and Trends

5 ways to keep up with real estate trends

 The state of the real estate industry can often be considered microcosm for the state of the entire economy. When you follow real estate news and trends, it can open a widow to countless other aspects of our nation's economy, social progressions, and the well-being of American citizens. If you look at the real estate industry from a holistic perspective, you will find that there is a great deal of substance that goes into it that affects your everyday life. 

So how can you stay on top of real estate trends? What sources are best and how can you make sense of it all? We’ve explored 9 sources to keep you on top of important news.

Websites and online news outlets

Everyone knows where to look when you want to look for online listings, but what about online real estate news sources? Here is a list of several sources that will help you learn more: 

  1. Forbes is a well-known news source with a reputation for writing about wealth and finance. Forbes includes several sections strictly about real estate news. Some articles include:  


  1. Realty Times includes tips and information about how to improve your home, and financial decisions to make before buying and selling. These tips may seem more materialistic rather than important on a national level but knowing what buyers are looking for is extremely important as you never know when you might be ready to sell.  


  1. RISMedia has helpful homeowner tips similar to Realty Times, but it also includes a lot of information on relevant government acts and social movements.


  1. is a more social source of internal information, such as recent posts that included the best way to install a doggy door and "6 Surprising Things in Your Home That Can Explode Out of The Blue.” There are several other helpful posts centered around current events as well.


  1. Entrepreneur has multiple features all corresponding to different business themes, with real estate being one of the most popular. These articles focus on the idea of making money and smart business  Real estate investment facts and house flipping stats are also a big focus.


Additionally, there are several real estate magazines that also have online publications

  • Inman News: This magazine covers regulations, marketing, mortgage issues, technology and social topics and much more. 
  • Realtor Magazine: This magazine includes several tips from industry professionals about news, law and ethics, technology, home and design, sales and marketing, and facts for brokers. 
  • National Real Estate Investor: This includes multiple sources of information about financeand investment in multiple categories of properties and industrial services.  
  • Curbed: This will certainly give you valuable information on your local community including new real estate, new developments, and how your city can improve.