Why Brand Consistency is a Must, not a Maybe

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee About The Author

April 11, 2017

Redbull.pngWith so many digital channels, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re maintaining brand consistency. Brand consistency is more than a style guide or brand guidelines that define what colors, fonts and logos your company uses. While these style guidelines are crucial (if you don’t have these yet, this article on How to Build a Brand Bible & Visual Style guide is super helpful), maintaining a consistent voice is equally important to ensure your clients have a clear idea of what your company does, and who your company is. Below are 3 reasons this consistency is a must, not a maybe.

1. It differentiates you from your competition.

Everyone has a unique story. Communicating this effectively will allow you to stand out from the other brands and companies that play in the same space.

2. You’ll be remembered.

Once you stand out amongst your competition and have made yourself more recognizable, you’ll be remembered more easily. Making a lasting impression is much easier when you maintain a general theme of what you’re trying to get across. For example, Red Bull’s voice is that of extreme sports enthusiasts, thrill seekers and adventurers. Theming all of their communications off of this has made a lasting impression on their consumers by creating recognition and permanence.

3. It’s built in marketing.

Consumers want to buy from brands they know. If you nurture a specific audience with a voice/message that they recognize and trust, it’s likely that audience will stay loyal the next time they go to grab an energy drink, grab a bite to eat, etc.


So how can you ensure that you’re staying consistent when representing and communicating through your brand?

The first step is establishing your brand guidelines and style guide. Next, it’s knowing what your unique value proposition is, and the voice you want to use to communicate it. Establishing this voice is crucial to maintaining consistency, especially if you have multiple people producing your brand’s communications. Chubbie’s emails, whether promoting a sale or simply making an announcement, are always cheeky. Patagonia’s always feel educational and giving. Whether you’re selling swim trunks or sleeping bags, your brand is there to help you! Use it to create a consistent, lasting impression.