4 Brands That Rock Differentiation

Rick Chastain

Rick Chastain About The Author

October 27, 2016

IMG_6184 copy 3.jpgHere at rezora, we believe differentiation is key - for us and for you.

Being able to clearly set yourself apart is more than good defense, it's a way to establish a consistent and unique place in the mind of your customer.

For instance, were someone to ask me "what makes rezora stand apart from its competitors?", I would point to our unique ability to join Marketers and their Sales Agents in marketing collaboration.  

For those rezora users who've been around a while (especially if you're a real estate sales agent), we've repeatedly encouraged you to develop areas of speciality that set you apart from your competitors and allow you to establish a memorable place in the mind of your customer.  Such differentiation (explored here by Inman) is one of the primary you ways can build your personal brand.

It's also a good idea to be aware of other brands for whom differentiation goes much farther than a sleek logo or compelling website.  Each of the following brands have established a place in the mind of their consumer that is unique and unassailable.  Some do it through iconic design, others through heritage and others through culture. 

Airstream Trailers (

airstream.jpgHow they do it:

  • Heritage - cult clasic since 1929.
  • Design - iconic shape and finish that is instantly recognizable. Interior finishes are luxurious like no other.
  • Category mindshare - they own retro, upscale adventure.


Zippo Lighters (

zippo.jpgHow they do it:

  • Utility - the product works every time.
  • Design - ask a smoker, a Zippo is a fashion statement of epic proportions.
  • Category mindshare - since 1932, Zippo has owned the "windproof" lighter category.


Zappos (

zappos.jpgHow they do it:

  • Company culture - it infuses everything they do. Google it, there is no place to work like Zappos.
  • Service - astonishingly good customer service. Staff is empowered to do anything to resolve a service issue.
  • Value - fabulous prices and product selection.


adidas (

adi.jpgHow they do it:

  • Heritage - Adolph (Adi) Dassler founded addidas in 1924. The list of " firsts" (first cleated soccer shoe) that adidas has given to sports is endless.
  • Focus on performance - every product is created to meet the needs of the athlete first, the market second.
  • Design - how many ways can their iconic "three stripes" be cool?


 What about you?  How are you establishing a unique and enduring place in the mind of your customer?