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SPAM Smackdown : 10 Ways To Make Sure Your Email Reaches the Inbox

Posted by Rick Chastain, VP Marketing and Sales on Sep 21, 2016 11:52:23 AM

The war against SPAM is on!

Internet Service Providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook are constantly updating their filters. They create new "organizers" (think Gmail's primary Inbox tab).  And there's the always dreaded blacklist of known senders of SPAM.

All of these are ways to separate unwanted from legitimate emails.  And this is a good thing, right?  One recent study showed that the average person receives over 100 unwanted emails each day.  

However, marketers and their clients can miss important information when genuine permission-based emails are identified as SPAM - a "false positive" in industry lingo.  

What's a marketer to do?  How can one ensure that your email reaches your client's inbox?

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Marketing in 2017 : 3 Trends That Will Shape Your Success

Posted by Rick Chastain, VP Marketing and Sales on Sep 12, 2016 4:43:58 PM

As marketers, we monitor trends. The best among us make trends – even if only in our local market or among immediate competitors.  We watch our audiences closely, and as their interests, needs and wants change, we change alongside them.

As you plan your budgets and tactics for 2017, here are some major trends you should anticipate.

Resurgence of Brand Storytelling

In this age of content/message/image overload, consumers want to know that the brands vying for their attention are genuine.  These days. consumers discriminate to the extreme on what messages they engage with and which ones they ignore. 

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Reach Your Full rezora Potential with Collaborate Group

Posted by Allen McMullen on May 13, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Join Forces with Shared Creative/Content and State-of-the-Art Technology

If you’re like many who have dived deep into the rezora enterprise, you’ve been amazed at the many robust and dynamic features that their game-changing platform provides. It anticipates every contingency in the business sell cycle; from the acquisition of the listing, the presentation of property to the closing of the sale and the follow-up process. It not only facilitates smooth seamless transactions, it also helps you nurture that existing relationship into a life-long revenue stream.

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And Now...Collaborate Group

Posted by Scott Gustlin on May 13, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Greetings – Scott Gustlin former rezora VP of Operations here.

As many of you know, I left rezora about a month ago to start a new business. As it turns out, this company is the perfect complement to rezora. It’s called Collaborate Group and we are the first of rezora's Certified Marketing Partners.

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rezora Launches Certified Marketing Partner Program

Posted by Paul Reinarz, CEO on May 13, 2016 12:55:03 PM

As rezora platform continues to evolve, so do the needs of our diverse client base.

Since our founding in 2009, we've provided the services necessary for our clients to learn and leverage the power of the rezora platform.    Such services come in numerous forms and include Training, Support, Marketing Services, Data Integration and others.

Yet, we recognize that our clients compete in a complex marketing environment. For rezora to be utilized fully, it must be integrated into the larger marketing strategy and aligned with other major initiatives.

That's why we've recently launched a Certified Marketing Partner program, to provide our clients with a "rezora-approved" stable of independent partners who can help our clients develop and deploy the brand-level strategies into which rezora should fit.

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New Features Update - Q2 2016

Posted by Rick Chastain, VP Marketing and Sales on May 3, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Quarter after quarter, we continue to respond to your requests for additional features, functions and integrations.  The Q2 development cycle has produced some impropvements that are bound to make you a better marketer.  Check out the deats below...

New & Improved Reporting (For agents. For now.)

Data, data, data. You asked, we delivered.

Reporting data has been vastly improved and expanded across the site if you are an agent (Group, Company and Brand Admins are not far behind). Here are some of the highlights:

Social Network Reporting - Data on your social posts and URL links are now included in the reporting across the site - marketing pieces and contacts (and listings for our real estate module users).

Click Tracking - You will now find a Link Clicks section on the details page of a marketing piece which provides you with a list of all links that have been clicked. Clicking the Total Clicks number will also give you a list of the users that have clicked the link and how many times.

Report Exporting - Export any of the data you see into a .CSV file by clicking the green Export button found on each reporting box.

Total Reach - In many areas you will see a reference to Total Reach. This number is a combination of exact numbers when available (email recipients) and published estimates when exact data is not accessible (social networks and public links). This is meant to provide you with an idea of the reach your marketing pieces are accomplishing.

Filtering - Filter your reports by distribution channel and by distinct time periods to get a more accurate representation of how your marketing efforts are working.

My Listings Reports - For those using our real estate module, there is now a detailed reporting page with data pertaining specifically to your listing. To access this page, go to the My Listings page and then click the address of your listings.

Updated Client Activity Meter

We have updated the Client Activity Meter to better analyze your client's activities and rank them accordingly. You should now see more variance in the numbers for your clients.

Client Call List

Using a combination of the Client Activity meter and the manual Status tags (Hot, Active, Inactive) for each client. Located on your Dashboard, the Client Call List is intended to provide you with a list of your most active and important clients. Not sure where to start today? Reach out to one of these clients and you can't go wrong.

PlanOmatic Integration

For those real estate module users that use PlanOmatic, it is now possible to use your PlanOmatic imagery to create a Custom Listing. Go to your My Listings page and click Create Custom Copy; if a PlanOmatic tour exists for that listing, you will be asked if you want to use those images in your custom copy. You will also have the choice of where links for that listing should go - PlanOmatic, the original URL or a rezora custom URL.

WellcomeMat Integration

For those real estate module users that use WellcomeMat for your video tours, it is now possible to distribute those tours natively through the rezora system. When using a template with a WellcomeMat content area, your WellcomeMat tours will automatically be available to you to drag and drop into the marketing piece for viewing in your marketing piece and linking over to your video tour.

New Apps & Integrations Page


Where better to store these new integrations than on a single Apps & Integrations page? These new integrations, along with our previous integrations such as Eventbrite, Facebook, Google Analytics, and Twitter, can now be found on the Apps & Integrations page located under My Account.

At the top of the page you will also find additional features and services available to you such as display ad retargeting, concierge services and custom template creation.
Display Ad Creation Is Now In Your Hands

Now the creation of the display ads for your retargeting subscriptions is in your control. Utilizing the same process as any other marketing piece you have the freedom to add the copy and imagery you prefer into your ads. As with all template types, what you are able to add is limited only by your imagination and the parameter of the template as determined by your marketing department. 

Display Ad Retargeting PLUS Subscription

With Display Ad Retargeting PLUS, you get access to the code snippet to place on your website. Why would you do that, you ask? Visitors to your site will be added to your retargeting audience and shown the same display ads your marketing piece recipients are seeing, further extending your marketing reach.

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3 Ways to Increase your Email Subscribers

Posted by Rachel Lee, Marketing Manager on Mar 17, 2016 12:49:37 PM

As Marketers, we’re constantly trying to increase our impact by connecting with new audiences and individuals. But underlying this growth is of course, the question: How can we do that?

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Retargeting (and display advertising): Is it really necessary?

Posted by Rachel Lee, Marketing Manager on Mar 4, 2016 2:00:36 PM

Sitting in front of my computer, preparing to introduce another article written about a recently improved marketing channel, the famed Pixies song, Where is My Mind? enters the air waves. Marketing channels - new and improved - continue to pop up everywhere, and as most have experienced, an individual's "mind" is exposed to not just hundreds but thousands of advertising messages daily. The Pixies might as well be telling th New Call-to-action e story of the mind of your potential customer, getting lost in the ocean of advertising, especially the surfed waves on the internet. It's imperative then to keep your potential customer's mind focused - as much as you can - on YOU!  

Enter retargeting.

If it’s NOT one of your consistent, reliable marketing tools, it may be after reading Ratko Vidakovic’s thoughtful, persuasive reasons for retargeting in the article, Why Every Marketer Should Leverage Retargeting; a well-written find, filled with smart marketing advice. We love how he explains it all. Why reinvent the wheel?

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Why Every Marketer Should Consider Retargeting: Facts, Stats and Best Practices

Posted by Rick Chastain, VP Marketing and Sales on Mar 4, 2016 1:58:16 PM



Clients who receive retargeted ads are 76% more likely to convert
Websites that use retargeting see a 726% lift in visitation
Retargeting can increase conversion rates by 147%


Ever wonder how certain brands seem to stay front of mind; maintaining a place in your awareness just when you’re considering a purchase in their category?  New Call-to-action

Have you ever researched, let’s say, “new homes in Bergen Park, Colorado” and, for weeks afterward, seen display ads for a Bergen Park brokerage on the websites you visit, even if those sites are not related to real estate or Bergen Park? 

Is this a sign?Is it Fate? Is the NSAharvesting your browser data?  Nope, it’s Display Advertising with Retargeting, and it’s one of the most effective ways around to increase the value of your email and other digital marketing efforts.

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3 Benefits of Email With Display Ad Retargeting

Posted by Rick Chastain, VP Marketing and Sales on Mar 4, 2016 1:57:18 PM

rezora’s digital marketing platform allows you to build high-quality marketing pieces and then distribute them through various channels including email and social media.  Lately, we’ve been drawing attention to the effectiveness of adding Display Ad Retargeting to your ongoing email program. 

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