The rezora + Contactually contact synching integration is now live

In order to enable a better experience for agents to manage contacts seamlessly, rezora's rolled out some exciting additions to our Contactually integration. Now, agents can focus more on promoting their listings and themselves.

Everything You Need to Know About rezora Contact Management and Updates

Did you miss the 5 Ways to Improve Your rezora Contact Management webinar? Don't worry! You can still access all of the information. The rezora experts covered everything you need to know about contact management and we have compiled all the helpful information into this blog post! From how to get the most out of your Master Distribution lists, to our new Contactually integration - we'll be giving you tips, tricks and best practices to better manage your contacts. To watch the webinar, click here. 

The Best Sources for Generating Content Ideas

Writing content for your newsletters, blogs, and social media can be time consuming, and sometimes you may find yourself in a "content rut". Luckily there are a myriad of helpful sources filled with content ideas, useful articles, and how to's to guide you on your quest for fabulous, memorable content. We have compiled a list of some of the best sources for generating content ideas for your convenience! 

7 Ways to Improve your Content Marketing Plan

Has your content marketing strategy been generating the engagement you have been working for? There are several ways you can fine tune your plan in order to help you manage, analyze, and perfect your content. Our marketing team has put together a list of 7 great tips that will help you improve your content marketing plan and receive the results you've been waiting for. 

The Digital Marketing Trifecta: Owned, Earned and Paid Media


Understanding paid, earned, and owned media as well as their differences is important for any business professional looking to increase their impact and exposure through digital marketing. Not only are the components of this digital marketing trifecta important, they also directly impact each other in several ways. For our clients to be able to become the best digital marketers, we have laid out definitions, explanations, and examples of paid, earned, and owned media while explaining how each corresponds to the next. 

How Top Realtors use Facebook

Did you miss our guest webinar with Shotzr? No worries! We're giving you the key takeaways from our webinar about how the most successful real estate agents use Facebook. 

Shotzr connects a responsive network of photographers around the world with companies that need professional images for use in Digital MarketingWhen making emails and marketing pieces in rezoraShotzr is a great tool to use to find localized images! Justin Nassir, from Shotzr, conducted a statistical analysis of 12 months of Facebook posts by Top Realtors & Agencies and reported his findings to all of us in this guest webinar.  

What you need to know about Social Media analytics for Business

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram alike offer several in app analytics tools that are insightful and easy to use. These analytics show how well your social is performing and we want to make sure you’re using them! So, we’re breaking them down here.

Intriguing Newsletter Content Ideas for Agents and Marketers

For both agents and marketers, it's important to fill your newsletters with a variety of relevant content. From industry news to upcoming events, you can be creative and smart with what you are sending to your team and clients. Our team has come up with several informative content ideas for you to use when putting together your next email or newsletter campaign. Share these intriguing pieces with your recipients and you'll be sure to receive great feedback!

5 Effective Ways to Generate Leads

It's no secret that one of the most important elements of a successful business model is effectively and consistently generating leads. Although this is indeed a key element, sometimes it isn't so simple and cheap to generate strong leads. However, there are ways you can both save money and still establish yourself as a businessperson your future clients will want to seek out. We have put together a list of effective ways to generate leads and examples for you to gain inspiration from.

Here are 5 effective ways to generate leads:

2018 Localized Summer Content Ideas

Sometimes coming up with relevant email and newsletter content is hard, but we're here to make your job a little easier. This summer, send your clients valuable local insights based off content that’s consistent around the country, yet still relevant to your community and target market. Not only will this present your email and newsletter content as valuable to your clients and prospective clients, but it will also reaffirm your representation of your community. As we have said before, our team loves to make your job easier and thus, we have put together a complete list of localized summer content ideas!