rezora’s recent feature release and enhancements

New Functionality for SALES AGENTS

Ability to post to your Facebook Business Page

Previously, marketing pieces could only be shared on personal Facebook pages. Now, by popular request, you can share your marketing piece to your Facebook Business page! You can also choose which account you’d like to share on behalf of. 

rezora is GDPR Compliant

You’ve probably been hearing quite a bit about GDPR lately, and we wanted to let you know that rezora is GDPR compliant. We also wanted to give you a quick breakdown of what it is, what we’re doing to make sure we’re compliant and what you can do to make sure you’re GDPR ready!

2018 Design Trends

We sat down with out favorite freelance designer, Kate Kreisher, to talk all things design in 2018. Here are her favorite 2018 design trends!

Localized May Content Ideas

It's time to say goodbye to April, and hello to May! This means more than just setting up your garden for those May flowers. With the changing of the month, it is important to start planning your May content. On top of your monthly or weekly newsletter, consider planning and sending additional localized content. This way your clients will know that they can rely on you for information about the community. One way to do this is to look at the national monthly observations which can serve as content inspiration for your emails and social media. May is filled with great promotion opportunities and we're providing you with multiple ideas for great email content for the month! 

Here are localized content ideas for May 2018: 

Real Estate Industry Statistics You Should Know for 2018

We know reading statistics and survey results aren't the most glamorous forms of marketing, but doing research on your market (as well as your competition) is key when trying to stay competitive in today's market. The National Association of Realtors recently published the Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2017This report is filled with valuable statistics about buyers, sellers, and industry trends from 2017. We’ve pin pointed some key pieces of information from this report and analyzed the data to see what this 2017 report means for you. 

April Content Ideas

Need some content ideas for the month of April? Look no further! We've put together a list of 41 different ideas to keep your April content game strong.

Apps we love

As marketers, we know videos and images make up a large portion of your online content. It's no secret that adding great visuals and graphics to your marketing pieces can increase more interest in what you're selling. With this in mind, it's important to make sure you're creating your visual content with the best tools. To give our clients some creative inspiration, we have made a list of the best apps for stock imagery, image editing, GIF makers, and design help. While scanning through the list, start to imagine all the beautiful email, social media, display ad, and other marketing pieces you could create with these helpful tools. 

March Content Ideas

As we enter into the month of March, this could be a great opportunity for you to plan your emails and weekly newsletters this month! Though it may not be Spring quite yet, March is filled with potential marketing opportunities that will make you stand out and keep your clients interested.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Client Lists

As marketers, you know building your client lists is important in order to build professional relationships. The better you can network with your target market, the more you expand your brand. It's important to keep in mind that updating your contact lists and resources is key to upgrading your lead generation game. What are some of the best ways to update your contact lists? Though it may seem like an easy source, buying contact lists often results in poor response rates and little relationship development. Never fear, however, because there are many ways you can build your contact lists! We have brainstormed a great list of ways you can upgrade your current client list and increase lead generation.

Here are great ways to update your client lists: 

Rezora is now live with Zapier!

Rezora is now live with Zapier! 

Are you currently using a CRM to manage your contacts outside of rezora? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to add a new contact in your CRM, and then have it appear in rezora? Now, with the help of Zapier, this is possible! 

You may be wondering, what is Zapier? Put simply, It’s the glue that allows different applications to work together more seamlessly. The interactions between different applications are called Zaps, and now you’re able to set up Zaps between rezora and your CRM. We’ve set up a few templates for Zaps to help get you started, but with the help of Zapier you are able to connect to any of the CRM’s that are available on their website.  For a more robust understanding, check out additional documentation here.