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rezora rezurgence

If you haven’t already felt the burst of positive energy rezonating from our offices, you soon will! We’ve had a series of great additions to our team in recent months, as well as reztructuring key departments, and couldn’t be happier about how these new rezources will be making a big impact to success for both rezora and our customers.

Creating An Effortless e-Newsletter From Top to Bottom

In an oversaturated digital age, it can feel like your content is floating out in the internet abyss with nowhere to go. eNewsletters are a simple and easy way to keep in touch with your audience while giving your content the promotion it deserves. Sending a monthly newsletter will keep you top-of-mind with prospective clients, too, so what are you waiting for? Let's jump in!

Digital Marketing for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

You’ve probably heard of digital/online/internet marketing before. But if you're here, you’re not exactly an expert. And that’s alright! We all start somewhere.

The Rule of Seven


How franchise brands use technology to recruit top agents

“In the battle for top real estate talent, a healthy commission split and great training simply aren’t enough”. Inman Tech

Creating Multilingual Emails in rezora


Avoiding the SPAM Folder and Deliverability Best Practices

Deliverability in digital marketing is key - by this we mean taking steps to help your email reach the inbox of your recipient. Since each email server uses its own criteria and process, it can be tricky to pinpoint exactly why an email went to SPAM. However, there are plenty of things you can do as a digital marketer to ensure the best deliverability possible.

How Often Should You Be Sending Emails?

I'm sure that most of your email recipients feel like Allie in the Notebook. They pace back and forth in front of their computer staring at their inbox...waiting for your email. They keep hitting refresh, never losing hope that your email is coming.

Adding Value To Your Services By Personalizing The Homebuyer Journey

The typical homebuyers experience, these days, starts online. A buyer searches for homes in an area and is given a long list of properties within their budget that then must filter through and hopefully find something close to what they're looking for. This modern-day practice, however, is far from personal and makes the homebuying process stressful and seemingly endless.

Email Content Ideas For When You're Feeling Stuck

Creating compelling content for your email marketing is one of the best ways to draw in new business.