Marketing Measurement in 2017 : Get Out of the Blocks With These 3 Key Metrics

Ever hear the saying “I know that half of my marketing investments are wasted, I just don’t know which half”? This sentiment, attributed to 1830’s merchant John Wanamaker represents the once prevailing belief that marketing cannot be measured.

That may have once been true, before the advent of online marketing. Back then, decision makers largely employed a “superstition strategy” that spread marketing dollars across disciplines, being sure to cover every base, and hoped that one or two would produce desirable results. Not so anymore.

Your Personal Brand : 3 Thoughts on Extending Your Reach

There’s a lot of talk these days about “extending your reach” in marketing and I think that’s good. Working to expand the number of people who know you and what you offer is important. Expanding your efforts into additional marketing channels is also good. While your clients may have a preferred medium of digital communication (like email), studies show that people rely on multiple platforms for information including social media, advertising, text and others. This is especially true for Millennial consumers whom, as you know, comprise an ever-growing share (up to 40%) of home buyers.

4 Brands That Rock Differentiation

Here at rezora, we believe differentiation is key - for us and for you.

Being able to clearly set yourself apart is more than good defense, it's a way to establish a consistent and unique place in the mind of your customer.

For instance, were someone to ask me "what makes rezora stand apart from its competitors?", I would point to our unique ability to join Marketers and their Sales Agents in marketing collaboration.  

Want to Increase Your Marketing Proficiency? Great Marketing Directors Rely on These Proven Classics

Marketing Directors live in an ever-changing environment. Consumers are always changing their behavior and preferences.

To stay on top, marketers must remain up to date on the latest trends, techniques and insights. These proven marketing classics should be on every marketer’s bookshelf.

For Marketing Directors : Inside Every Sales Agent There's a Marketing Genius

Here at rezora, we believe in the revolutionary idea that sales agents can be good marketers!  

"Sacrilege!", say Marketing Directors everywhere.  "I must protect my brand".

If you're a Marketing Director, what to do?  How do you promote your brand, protect your brand, scale your efforts and engage your agents - all while managing a comprehensive program with limited staff and resources?

Feeling Common? :  4 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

As a real estate agent, it's common to experience moments of existential angst. The following stats may make you wonder if you can carve out a sustainable niche in your local market.

Why Your Subject Line May Be Killing Your Open Rate

You've created the perfect marketing email.  You've built a quality contact list. You send at the right day and time. Your ducks are in a row, but your open rate is lower than you hoped.  What gives?  Is it your bounce rate?  Did your email go to SPAM? Did a bunch of contacts unsubscribe?  It may be none of the above.

Unless you're a proponent of Inbox Zero, chances are you've got a bunch of unread emails in your inbox.  Your customers are probably the same, so it's easy to envision them scrolling through their inbox, skimming the subject line of each email (yours included) and, if it does not catch their interest, clicking delete...delete...delete.

SPAM Smackdown : 10 Ways To Make Sure Your Email Reaches the Inbox

The war against SPAM is on!

Internet Service Providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook are constantly updating their filters. They create new "organizers" (think Gmail's primary Inbox tab).  And there's the always dreaded blacklist of known senders of SPAM.

All of these are ways to separate unwanted from legitimate emails.  And this is a good thing, right?  One recent study showed that the average person receives over 100 unwanted emails each day. 

Marketing in 2017 : 3 Trends That Will Shape Your Success

As marketers, we monitor trends. The best among us make trends – even if only in our local market or among immediate competitors.  We watch our audiences closely, and as their interests, needs and wants change, we change alongside them.

As you plan your budgets and tactics for 2017, here are some major trends you should anticipate.

Reach Your Full rezora Potential with Collaborate Group

Join Forces with Shared Creative/Content and State-of-the-Art Technology

If you’re like many who have dived deep into the rezora enterprise, you’ve been amazed at the many robust and dynamic features that their game-changing platform provides. It anticipates every contingency in the business sell cycle; from the acquisition of the listing, the presentation of property to the closing of the sale and the follow-up process. It not only facilitates smooth seamless transactions, it also helps you nurture that existing relationship into a life-long revenue stream.