Challenges : Managing Your Relationships

We know that the relationships that you develop with sellers, buyers, teammates, industry colleagues, and other agents all have enormous value to your business. That’s why at rezora, we put relationships first. Our mission is to “Enable those around us to grow and excel,” and we know that having strong relationships with our customers and providing tools that enable you to do the same with yours is the key to our mutual success.

So how might we be able to help you build stronger and deeper relationships with your prospects, clients, and colleagues? 

Managing relationships

Contact call list

Viewing the Results of Conversations

Every customer interaction you have is important. You need to see and understand data from all of these digital conversations that result from your marketing efforts. And a little intelligent consulting as to what to do next wouldn’t hurt either.

How rezora can help

We consider our customer relationship module to have “CRM Lite” capability. We track important data from every single customer touchpoint and deliver it via an on-screen dashboard and a series of easy-to-consume reports so that you always see how effective your marketing communications are. Our Artificial Intelligence recommendation engine even tells you which contacts to call immediately based on their interactions with your marketing efforts. Your contact data is safely protected and separated from other users, will never be sold, and can be easily exported at any time.

Contact Management

As an organization, it is imperative to provide tools to your agents that empower them to market, track, and manage their contact data in a way that allows them to preserve their ownership of that intellectual property, but also encourages collaboration and communication.

How rezora can help

The foundation of our technology protects an agent’s contact data and allows them to manage those contacts in a myriad of ways to develop smarter segmentation, targeting, and distribution. We also provide tools that enable an agent to safely share limited access to their contacts via lists and spheres so that a brokerage marketer can send pieces on behalf of the agent.

Contact management


"What I like most about rezora is that it helps me keep in touch with clients and friends for a lower advertising cost. It’s easier to promote listings, and random people on SOI respond."
Mary Craddock, Broker

Learn more about your contacts


"[rezora] is one of the easiest ways to get access to my client base and advertise to them. I’ve absolutely noticed a financial impact. It allows me to connect with my clientele easier and quicker, without spending as much [money]."
Brayden Kehler, Advisor

Learning More about Your Contacts

Today’s ever-expanding technology allows a marketer to learn more about contacts in a variety of methods. The more you know about a contact, the more likely you are able to find listings that meet their needs, anticipate when a homeowner is likely to sell, understand their financial capabilities, or reach them in the digital channels that they use. How much would that information help you effectively market and sell?

How rezora can help

At rezora, we call this “Supercharging” your contacts, and yes, it’s a real thing. Our Supercharge feature uses your contact’s email address to find online platforms to which your contact is connected. If your contact’s email address is associated with an account at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or other social networks, we’ll deliver information about this contact that you can use to make your marketing efforts even more successful.

Working with Your Other Systems

Real estate technology is changing more rapidly than ever, and your “tech stack” likely includes more tools and systems every day. Persuading those systems to talk to each other intelligently is a tall order, and you need a partner who can integrate their technology with yours, either by using existing connections or developing new ones.

How rezora can help

As the industry leader for over a decade, we’ve worked with most of the players and are either already integrated with their platforms or can establish new integrations quickly.


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