Marketing in a Complex World

Selling real estate is a complex proposition, from capturing listings to finding buyers, in a highly diverse world of product, market, and customer types. Brands, brokerages, and agents need to leverage the awesome power of modern technology to easily, quickly, and intelligently initiate all of these seller and buyer journeys with meaningful digital conversations. Conversations that start relationships, deepen them over time, and lead directly to profitable conversions. The rezora system helps you create those smart, beautiful conversations with a proven, powerful, and flexible toolkit that is second to none.

How rezora can solve your marketing challenges

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Capturing Listings

Via effective content marketing campaigns, you can grow your relationships with long-term clients and be top of mind when a listing opportunity arises.

How rezora can help

The rezora system enables you to develop a marketing calendar to distribute key information about your listing portfolio, real estate data, local & regional news, and a variety of other digitally-sourced content that lets your contacts know that you are a trusted, caring expert in their community.

Selling Listings

Reach targeted audiences with your listing marketing campaigns by broadcasting your marketing message across a wide variety of digital channels (email, social, display ad retargeting, print), at the right frequency, and to the right contacts. Effective campaigns can easily increase exposure, increase selling prices, and reduce time on market.

How rezora can help

Utilizing smart automation and manual distributions via all channels, rezora’s toolset makes it possible for agents to send their gorgeous marketing messages whenever they want, to the right contacts, in the channels most likely to reach them. We’ll track the responses to your marketing and use Artificial Intelligence to generate real-time tailored recommendations about reaching out to the right contacts.


"I like that I'm able to connect easily with multiple groups. It helped bring more eyes on my listings to help sell quicker, therefore pleasing my sellers."
Katherine Caruso, Broker

rezora template

State-of-the-art content creation tool, Zephyr

Brand Building

All of your marketing efforts must also work to build awareness, recall, and reputation for parent brands, brokerage brands, and each individual agent’s brand. Consistent, excellent presentation of brand assets, materials, and content is critical to that effort.

How rezora can help

Whether you want to control formatting, design, and content from the brand level or allow your brokerages or agents to have more hands-on access to the creative process, rezora’s multi-tier toolset provides the capability for your organization to employ your specific methodology. Our content creation tool, Zephyr, was created with this in mind, with comprehensive accessibility and editability settings.

Collaborating With Your Teams

Whether you have a massively talented organization behind you, or are a small, scrappy group, you need a consistent brand presence, effective marketing and design materials, and tools that allow you to work successfully with your talented colleagues. Digital tools need to work for a wide variety of methodologies and skill sets, magnifying your capabilities by supporting smart collaboration.

How rezora can help

We provide tools for organizations of any size to create, share, schedule, and distribute marketing pieces from any level. Set up automation triggers to send when listing events occur, enable your marketing team to send on behalf of agents, empower your agents to send on their own, and view reporting on marketing piece performance and contact behavior.


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