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How have we led the way as the industry’s premier omni-channel digital marketing platform for over a decade? Primarily by listening to our customers, who come in a highly diverse range of sizes, capabilities, methodologies, and philosophies about how best to execute effective real estate digital marketing. But how does it actually work? Take a look below to see the high-level process, then when you want to see it in action live, get started with this big orange button.

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Configuring the system to match your methodology 

When your brokerage signs up for a rezora account, you’ll receive onboarding support at the agent, brokerage and brand levels. We'll work closely with you to discover how you operate, how to configure our system to meet your needs, and how to map your team members to the flexible rezora project hierarchy. Then we'll connect your listing data, add your users, create your groups, upload your contacts, and jump into our training program. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

A breath of fresh air

Once you’re connected, you’ll have access to Zephyr, our state-of-the-art content creation tool. Create libraries of brand-compliant templates and rows to be used by marketers or agents for creating marketing pieces of any kind. Content is at your fingertips with our free stock imagery tool, powered by some of the best photography resources online.



Controlling brand compliance easily

After you’ve created your templates, administrators at the brand, brokerage, and group levels can assign access, control editing rights, and manage several other aspects of collaboration between marketers, groups, and agents. The rezora system is highly flexible to match the way you work.

Starting the customer conversations

Agents that are granted template access can create marketing pieces and send to their contacts, lists, or spheres, thus starting meaningful “conversations” with prospects. Our multi-tiered data architecture ensures complete protection of an agent’s contacts while still allowing marketers to send on their behalf as desired.



Smart recommendations about who to call next

After a marketing piece is sent, rezora will monitor those “conversations” and provide AI-generated recommendations about which contacts you should follow up with and when. See who’s opening and clicking and use that information to keep the conversations flowing.

Let the system do all the work

Because rezora knows how busy you are, we’ve set up Automated Workflows that send marketing pieces when triggered by real-world events like a new listing or a price adjustment. Whether you want to manually approve each send or simply let the rezora engine do it for you, you can relax knowing that your marketing efforts are happening when they should.



Quickly see what's working

How do you know that it’s working? Administrators and marketers have quick access to reports that show marketing “conversation” results, tell you which templates are being used the most, inform as to which content and materials are performing the best, and clearly detail how well your agents are using the system.

Working with you to make your message sing

To maintain our position as the industry leader, rezora has learned to work as a part of your team as opposed to being just another technology vendor. We’re here to help with custom template and row creation, consult with you regarding your content creation and distribution best practices, and deliver a wide range of seasonal and themed materials via our ever-expanding online “rezora Bazaar” storefront. After a decade of working with some of the best real estate marketers and agents, we can apply our experience and expertise to any challenge that you might be facing.



Friendly help when you need it

Our amazing customer support boasts a 98% satisfaction rate, and are always around to help solve any issues, clarify details of our powerful features, give a quick lesson on best practices, or anything else you may need to be successful with the rezora system.

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