Chad Eilermann
Senior Software Engineer

Chad is our resident Jedi Master Coder. Hailing from Orlando, FL, he brings to the team 20+ years of professional software engineering and systems administration experience. Coding has always been his passion. Chad was just 5 years old when he wrote his first program (a number guessing game) in Basic on his Atari 800. He loves a challenge, whether it’s tackling large development projects or debugging the peskiest of bugs.

When he is not being a Jedi Master Coder you can usually find him spending time with his wife and 3 kids or tinkering away at one of his many hobbies. Chief among them is building Star Wars Lego sets of which he owns an impressive 124 sets totaling 62k pieces! He also enjoys gaming, building arcade cabinets, cruising, swimming, and going to theme parks.