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In an industry that is rapidly evolving with respect to technological advancements and digital marketing methodologies, real estate brands are moving in a variety of directions to maximize revenue, attract and retain the best brokerages and agents, and find technology partners with whom they can collaborate and grow. Some brands struggle to become outright technology companies, while others are simply searching for a way to get an edge with their digital tool vendors. rezora is that edge.

rezora is the industry’s premier email marketing platform and has been for over a decade. Whether brokerages and agents are looking to market listings, information, community events, or articles based on customers’ interests, rezora is the proven solution to make it easy for your teams to quickly create and distribute high-quality and on-brand marketing materials in a variety of intelligent methods and channels. Regardless of your brokerages’ capabilities or working models, rezora is both powerful and flexible, ensuring that all of your teams maximize their productivity and gross commissionable income.

rezora for brands

Over the past decade, we have worked with some of the finest brands in the industry and have learned how to be a partner rather than just another tech vendor. As a collaborative teammate, we are constantly listening and improving our product based on key insights that we have uncovered from working with the best in the business.

Ensure brand compliance

Ensure Brand Compliance in Multiple Ways

Your branding matters and it is more important than ever, but driving brand compliance across a large sales organization can be quite a challenge. The rezora toolset promotes proper brand usage and consistency by allowing brokerages to lock templates, content areas, and individual elements to ensure that all of your teams follow brand guidelines to the letter.

Recruitment & Retention via Fast & Easy Tools that Deliver

As the real estate industry continues to evolve with its technology usage, attracting and keeping the best brokers and agents has become increasingly difficult, with brands under intense pressure to demonstrate value to their organization. We understand how critical recruitment and retention is to successful operations, and we provide several ways to help brands prove their value to agents and brokers.


"I LOVE rezora. It not only stands out from every single other eBlast out there, but it always gets me a response, activity, clicks, views, etc. It's just one more bonus to our brand, setting the standard even higher."
Candi Matthews, Realtor, Broker

rezora's analytics tool

Marketing methods

Marketing Methods for Every Purpose

Automated Listing Marketing

Our industry-leading toolset can automate the distribution of listing marketing to an agent’s contact spheres and lists based on smart scheduling or event triggers such as new listing, price adjustment, open house, or listing sold. All marketing materials, automated or manual, can be distributed via a variety of channels including email, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter), display ad retargeting, and print, with more to come soon.

Content Marketing

Knowing that it is difficult to drive repeat and referral business, rezora delivers a simple way for agents to regularly push marketing materials to their clients and prospects by providing them with access to RSS feeds, articles, free stock imagery, and market data. Our content creation tool, Zephyr, makes it easy to access and create high quality content, which is critical for presenting agents as the local experts they are, thus staying top of mind with all of their prospective customers.


"I always look forward to getting on rezora and selecting a template to use and send out to my thousands of connections. It's classy, professional, and easy to use. I receive compliments from my clients in regards to how nice my social media looks. I have to give credit to rezora for making it possible."
Trina Barrett, Broker

Architecture that Supports You No Matter How You Work

Multi-Methodology Workflows

Brokerages, marketers, and agents come in all types, with different abilities and working methodologies. Our platform provides collaboration functionality that supports a hierarchical model of brand to brokerage to group/team to agent so that each level of your organization can have the control and access that your brand requires, as well as the ability to send on behalf of agents to distribution lists and spheres.

Smart Technology

Since 2009, rezora has led the way with AI-powered results analysis, as well as automated workflows triggered by listing events. We continue to make our systems smarter, resulting in more effective and efficient targeting, data tracking, and agent action recommendations. Automated distribution also allows the marketing team to focus efforts on corporate marketing, content marketing, and custom marketing for high-value listings.

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Phenomenal rezora Support

Our Customer Success team works tirelessly to successfully onboard, train, inform, recommend, and consult with clients to ensure that brokerages and agents are maximizing the value of the rezora system. Our USA-based Support team proudly boasts a 98% satisfaction rate and features a live chat team with world-class response times, big brains, and friendly dispositions. With these two powerful forces helping you at every step, you'll be up and running and seeing excellent results in no time.


"The rezora support team is so helpful if you need assistance with any part of the process."
John Beggs, Realtor


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