Staying Hot When The Market Cools

The market over the last year has been fickle to say the least. We've gone from a standstill to a white-hot market where brokerages can't keep inventory on hand. For many who were struggling to keep doors open, the resurgence of the market has been quite literally a lifesaver. As things begin to cool for the holidays, the question many brokers are asking is how can they prepare themselves for the inevitable downswing?

How to Drive Adoption and Increase Communication in Your Agent’s Spheres Using rezora

It’s no secret that most agent’s sign-up for rezora out of excitement of signing rep agreements and listing more homes but get overwhelmed with putting together great marketing campaigns and don’t know where to start. Why is that? For many agents it’s because they’re great salespeople but not always the best marketers. This is a huge loss because marketing to their spheres of influence is one of the easiest ways for agents to grow their business.

How franchise brands use technology to recruit top agents

“In the battle for top real estate talent, a healthy commission split and great training simply aren’t enough”. Inman Tech

Inspiring Success: 5 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

In order to maintain a successful brand, you need to keep your team motivated. When you have valuable employees, it is important to make sure your company work environment is positive and encouraging in order to maintain motivated team members. Not only will you gain hard working employees, but you will also better the overall quality of your brand in every department thus creating a holistic synergy throughout the entire company. In order to provide our clients with the right tools to manage and motivate their teams, we have laid out 5 easy ways to keep you and your team motivated in the office.