Chief Technology Officer

Based in Franklin, Georgia, Ben Brown is a charismatic, social, wonderful addition to the rezora group!  At work, he improves the efficiency of the application development.  He works to improve it on 3 different fronts: on an infrastructure side, via code architecture, and through processes that ensure the new code supports the infrastructure and architecture. Ben is also quick to help in any area that needs his technical expertise!

Ben graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BS in Printing Management. Paul Reinarz, Hugh Morgan, and Ben go way back. Paul was actually Ben's first manager in Atlanta in 1999.

When he's not at work, Ben Brown has a wide range of very diverse hobbies including but not limited to: creating incredible balloon animals, building cigar box guitars, woodturning, woodworking, ukulele, home remodeling, fly fishing, yoyo, rock climbing, and herpetology. I'll save you a google search, herpetology is the branch of zoology concerned with reptiles and amphibians. Everyone at rezora loves to learn something from Ben about the latest tech trends, rock climbing tips, or his latest home remodeling project!