Designed with the Agent in Mind

Whether you are a real estate rock star, a member of a powerhouse team, or an individual who has just begun their career, we understand that you are short on time and need proven marketing software that works the same way you do. That’s why we built rezora to be the best-in-class solution designed with the agent in mind. 

Since 2009, we have worked with some of the most talented agents in the industry and have learned how to be a partner rather than just another tech vendor. As a collaborative teammate, we are constantly listening and improving our product based on key insights that we have uncovered from working with the best in the business. As a result, our customers have become some of the most productive agents in the country.

We are the industry’s premier email marketing platform, with over a decade of experience and knowledge gained by working with some of the industry’s finest brokerages. Whether you are looking to market your personal brand or your listings, rezora makes it easy to distribute high-quality content and listing marketing efforts in intelligent methods and across a wide variety of channels. To achieve our goal of making all agents “real estate rock stars,” we provide a wealth of features and functionality that promote your most critical marketing and sales efforts, including…

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Content Marketing that Captures Listings

When most people think about real estate agents, the perception is that an agent’s days are consumed with selling real estate. But more often than not, agents find themselves spending a lot of time searching for their next client. Staying top of mind with your sphere of influence with beautiful marketing has never been so easy or effective.

It is commonly said that while 88% of buyers would refer or use an agent again, only 12% do. While many hear this and wonder why it can be so hard to stay in touch with clients, we understand that this is the main reason you are always so busy! The rezora system helps you stay in the forefront of your contacts’ memory by using content marketing to drive repeat and referral business.

Content marketing is personalized information that your target audience cares about. Whether your contact is interested in new local restaurants, upcoming events, or articles based on their personal interests, rezora's Zephyr builder helps you put the right message in front of the prospect at the right time by providing you with digital access to RSS feeds, articles, free stock imagery, and other compelling content. High quality content is critical for presenting agents as the local experts they are, thus staying top of mind with all of their prospective clients.



"What I like most about rezora is the ability to schedule emails and the ease of use. I think the consistent reminder that I'm a Realtor is useful in this business and it is also a great tool to share with sellers on listing presentations. It's a great tool to market properties and myself at a low cost."
Alexandra Parisi, Broker

Listing Marketing that Sells

Want the fastest, easiest solution to create and send out your beautiful listing marketing? The industry-leading rezora system can automate the distribution of listing marketing to an agent’s contact spheres and lists based on smart scheduling or triggered by listing events. All marketing materials, automated or manual, can be distributed via a variety of channels including email, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter), display ad retargeting, and print, with more to come soon. More exposure can increase the number of potential buyers, increase the sale price, and reduce time on market.


"I like that rezora is fast and easy to use, and I can create professional e-flyers and announcements for my clients. I have reached more people and [increased] awareness of my services and events. I also like that I can see who opens the messages - sometimes it's very surprising! It's been a good year using this service. "
Stacy Berman, Broker

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Reporting & Smart Recommendations

Sending out your marketing messages is one thing, knowing what to do with the results is another. Our system provides a wealth of real-time analytics information that are quick and easy to understand, ranging from Contact Activity Logs to an Artificial Intelligence-generated Contact Call List that uses interaction data to recommend which prospects should be called immediately. Want to see which marketing messages are most effective, in which channel, by which contacts? Want to see how each contact has interacted with your marketing messages over time? The rezora system provides it all, ensuring that your marketing efforts will be more effective than ever.


"I like the one button push ability to reach 10k+ emails. It gets the message I want delivered to thousands of people with the least amount of time spent, and I like tracking who, what, and when."
Steve Slocum, Sales Associate

Contact Management

The hallmark of a great real estate agent is a strong relationship with their contacts. We understand that and are constantly creating more and better ways for you to start digital conversations with your contacts. Our core system was designed to protect your contact data, even while sharing access to your lists or spheres when you want to allow your brokerage to send marketing messages on your behalf. You can also use rezora’s unique “Supercharge” feature to add third-party data about your contacts, providing you with deeper knowledge about their interests. This additional data can be considered when creating segmentation lists, allowing you to utilize “conditional content” in your marketing pieces that will display only to contacts that fall within a specific list.

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