Software Engineer

Brian grew up in Northern Virginia near Washington DC.  Here, he built his career through experience and his willingness to take the time to learn new things on his own.  He started out as a Front End Developer and worked his way up to Software Engineer working remotely for various tech firms across the country.  More recently, he and his family moved to Charlotte, NC which is where he now resides with his wife Sarah and 3 kids Allison, Mason, and Delaney.

He enjoys working at rezora, because he can make a big difference on a small team. He also loves the autonomy of our company culture and the freedom to suggest his ideas and ask questions. His motto at work is "get it done." And, he motivates our team to keep working until the task is complete or the feature is released.

In his free time, he enjoys playing with his kids, watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia with his wife, playing guitar, and taking his dog to the park.

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