Design Director

rezora's Design Director, Brannan McGill grew up in Colorado. Four years ago, he relocated to Portland, Oregon. He went to school for Multimedia and Computer Animation. He worked for UCAR in Boulder, managing design for online eLearning modules. He was one of 2 first hires at Rapt Media in 2011 while they were in the middle of Techstars and directed their brand identity, user experience, and user interface for 7 years.

At rezora, Brannan connects design, development and product, and works on UX and design projects. He's constantly advocating for rezora's users and working to make their product experience even more positive. 

A true creative, Brannan plays the saxophone and guitar and loves to draw everyday. Brannan and his wife have two box turtles named Spud and Speckles and a tortoise called Boots. What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? We asked the same thing. Tortoises dwell on land, while turtles live in the water some or all of the time.

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