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If your brokerage is using rezora, you'll want to take advantage of the additional options that provides like MLS and Market Data integration.
Not sure if they do, just shoot us an email and ask. If they aren't, rezora Agent Direct is for you!

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Access to Dozens of Templates

Stay top of mind with your clients with holiday wishes, birthday emails, and your personal monthly newsletter. Quality design allows you to follow up with your clients, maintain connections, or re-engage with old contacts.

"rezora is so easy. It takes care of itself."

Jan Kanyoc   Jan Kanyoc, Sales Agent

Drag & Drop Template Builder

Schedule Sends for a Later Date

Schedule Sends for a Later Date

With rezora’s incredible scheduling feature, you can schedule all of your marketing pieces in advance. Don’t worry about rushing to create an email to market your listing or wish your client a happy birthday, you can set it and forget it.

"We love the schedule now, send later feature. Scheduling ahead allows us to ensure that our emails always go out on time, without delay."

Ashley Feibish Morris   Ashley Feibish Morris, Vice President, Marketing

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Detailed data allows you to see who is opening your emails and when.

Discover demographic details about your clients using the Supercharge feature.

Build custom listings that you can drag and drop into beautifully designed rezora’s real estate templates.

"Great way to touch client base with useful information."

Lauryl Palatnick   Lauryl Palatnick, Sales Agent

Advanced Reporting & Analytics


Real-Time Support

Live chat with customer support agents for assistance as your work and attend live webinars with an expert rezora instructor to train you!


Display Ad Retargeting

Follow your clients with display ad retargeting. Clients who open your emails will begin to see your retargeting campaign on over 200,000 websites. Easily export your retargeting data to see the list of websites that displayed your ads.

display ad.png

 We integrate with popular apps like Eventbrite, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This means you can easily share events, track RSVPs, track clicks, and share on social media with just one click.

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No credit card required to sign up. After your free trial, it’s $49.95 / month.