We believe that digital marketing technology should be scalable, smart and practical. Because information is so readily available, the challenge then becomes enabling our clients to reflect their uniqueness while offering relevant
and useful information in an already information-saturated digital environment. Our mission is to provide solutions that help our clients interact in the digital marketing world effectively, intelligently and with style.

Come Join in the Fun

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, we are a team that works hard but plays harder when appropriate. As graduates of the 2009 TechStars Boulder class, we have the good fortune of being surrounded by a community of exceptional mentors, and friends that keep us grounded, well-informed and constantly thinking.

We love what we do and enjoy surrounding ourselves with like-minded, passionate people. So if you are in the area, please drop us a line and let us know as we would love to meet up and share past experiences and future dreams over coffee, tea or beer.
Paul Reinarz

As Co-Founder and CEO, the depth and breadth of technology expertise and product development experience that Paul brings is enough to build an entire company. In his previous life, he’s worked with some of the most recognized brands including AT&T, IBM and The Coca Cola Company, orchestrating the development of cool technology solutions. Lucky for us, Paul does much more than that. His innate people talent and positivity create a work environment that causes envy in business peers and fierce loyalty in the staff he nurtures. Some afternoons he can be found at the local ice cream parlor on Pearl Street. Paul loves a good game of football, or soccer as it’s called in the US, and enjoys coaching competitive soccer for the Trebol Soccer Club in Louisville.
Katie Gorkoski

With a psych and neuroscience degree from the University of Colorado Boulder, Katie tries to keep us all relatively sane at work. Katie joined rezora with experience in recruiting that paralleled well into her sales role here. Her go-to online shopping sites are all major airlines and travel sites. When asked what her life goal was, she instantly replied: “to ride an elephant”. Her adventurous spirit and stellar organizational skills keep us all simultaneously entertained and on our toes. She came to Boulder from Ohio, which is apparent in her humility, work ethic, and complaints about the lack of real pierogies in this town.
Amy Ludke

Amy L, as we call her around the office to differentiate from the Brit with the same name, takes on rezora's bookkeeping with a combination of eager determination, laser-focus and bright smiles. Everyone at the Boulder office is grateful for her sunny nature, which may be indirectly due to her University of Arizona ties, or raising 3-year-old twins. We're still unsure but would like to know her secret. Amy brings accounting organization and procedure honed over several years' experience. We've also noticed an increased level of Zen in our CEO. rezora's keeping Amy L for as long as she'll have us.